Quelques astuces mode pour trouver votre style personnel

Some fashion tips for finding your personal style

Some fashion tips for finding your personal style

Do you want to create your personal style? Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some simple tips to gently guide you towards a style in which you will be perfectly comfortable and confident. A clothing style that will allow you to stand out while being recognized for your keen sense of fashion. 

Women's fashion: Some fashion tips to find your personal style

In the past, it was almost natural to copy and paste a clothing style or a new trend. This period should be over. Of course, we've all tried and tested different clothing styles and trends over the years. But believe us, if you are reading this article and if you recognize yourself, it's time to stop and develop your own clothing style . And if you think creating your own style is complicated, tell yourself that maybe you just lack inspiration. Don't hesitate to follow some of the tips we give you here to help you determine your current style and shape your future one. 

Tips for personal clothing style

Examine your current wardrobe

If you're looking to evolve your style or develop a whole new style of clothing, you need to start by evaluating what you already have. Get rid of pieces that no longer suit you or that do not or no longer match your personality. The trick is to identify as precisely as possible your current style and how it has evolved over time. So, it won't be too difficult for you to sort between the clothes and accessories to keep and those that deserve to be forgotten permanently. For each item of clothing chosen in your wardrobe, ask yourself these questions: is this item of clothing worn, torn, stained? Has it gone out of fashion? Do I feel good when I wear it? Can another piece in my wardrobe replace it? 

Accentuate your strengths 

The best way to dress stylishly is to highlight your physical assets. Choose clothes that flatter your curves, highlight the length or finesse of your legs, and highlight the beauty of your eyes. Take note of your measurements in order to know your body shape and choose clothes that will flatter it perfectly. Knowing your body shape and the styles of clothing suitable to enhance it is also a good way to have more fun when shopping.  Up to you ! Experiment with different styles and designs and find what suits you best. 

Think about what you want to accomplish

What are your goals in life? And when it comes to style, what do you want to achieve? Grab a notebook or journal and write down everything that comes to mind. Are you trying to get a job at your dream company? Do you want to climb the ladder within your job? Do you want to find your soul mate? Look for clothing and accessories that could help you achieve your goals. If, for example, you are looking for a job, take a look at the clothes that match your personality and that could help you put together professional outfits adapted to the company you want . 

Start with the right mindset

Do you think you don't have a personal style? In reality, it is likely that you will have difficulty knowing precisely which style you prefer the most. Remember that above all your personal style depends entirely on what you like to wear and the pieces in which you feel most comfortable. This is why your personal style evolves over time and will continue to do so. So don't focus on one thing in particular and instead make sure to choose clothes in which you are perfectly comfortable and confident. 

Determine your preferences 

Your personal clothing style will obviously depend on your preferences. This is why you need to seriously consider what you like and what you don't like. Go out for a little shopping and have fun trying and experimenting. Play with colors, printed patterns, cuts... Try to determine what really suits you and what you like. This will help you in the future to know which pieces go perfectly with your figure and your personality and therefore, ultimately, define your personal style. The objective of this shopping session is not to spend but to discover. That being said, nothing stops you from doing exactly the same thing with the clothes in your current wardrobe. This will help you carry out the sorting that we invite you to do above. 

Get inspired by icons

It's not necessarily about taking inspiration from celebrities and stars who are regulars on television. Perhaps there is a person in your circle who is a true source of inspiration. This icon might be your cousin, a close friend, or the most stylish employee in the office . Regardless, there is certainly someone around you whose style can be inspiring. Also, don’t hesitate to get closer to certain profiles on Instagram. And of course, certain iconic personalities like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly... are always a source of elegant inspiration. 

Choose a brand and be loyal! 

Once you find the clothing brands that seem to be right for you, make sure you stick with them. Indeed, clothing brands often create similar versions of their flagship pieces. This way, you will be sure to reinvest in clothes made for you. In addition, brands are often very attached to their style and thus, season after season, pieces from your old collections will be able to harmonize with the new ones. 

Find your signature

Most fashion and style icons have a signature that you can spot from miles away. Since Anna Wintour never goes out without her glasses, you need to find your signature. It could be an accessory, a color, a print, a style of clothing... Of course, this signature depends on what you like. Do you like pants? Do you prefer pencil skirts ? Do you like to wear blazers? Of course, it's not about wearing just a blazer with nothing underneath. If you like this type of jacket, you must make it the basis of your outfits and find the pieces that will harmonize with it. For example, this could be an outfit consisting of jeans, a T-shirt and a very stylish blazer. Perhaps you would prefer to pair your blazer with a pretty little black dress . 

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