Construisez votre garde robe professionnelle

Build your professional wardrobe

Build your professional wardrobe

It's no secret that in the professional world, even more than in everyday life, you need to make a good impression. The impression that people you pass or meet may have is based on yourself and, half of it, on your clothing appearance. Furthermore, it is proven that the first impression is often a lasting impression.

In the professional environment, 75% of recruiters think that the way a person dresses has a direct impact on their work, their salary and their development within the company for which they work or on possible opportunities. It is therefore essential to take care of your clothing style. Better yet, you should dress for the job you want, not the one you already have. To achieve your goals, you must make the right clothing choices for your professional career.

Invest in quality professional clothing

First of all, you absolutely must invest your money in suitable and, above all, quality clothing . They will last longer and probably be more timeless than the cheap clothes you may be tempted to buy. Style, like quality, comes at a price and you must be willing to pay that price to have a professional wardrobe that matches it .

Buy smart

- Think in advance about the pieces that are missing from your professional wardrobe and if your budget does not allow you to satisfy your wardrobe regularly, make sure to buy the missing clothes during the sales period .

- Do not hesitate to ask a close person (friend, work colleague, etc.) to accompany you and advise you during your next shopping trip.

- Buy versatile clothes that you can easily combine with other pieces in your professional wardrobe.

Inspect your closet carefully before going shopping

  • If possible, try to spend less by wearing the clothes you already have. Unless, of course, they are too damaged, stained, worn…

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