Pourquoi sommes-nous jugés sur notre manière de nous habiller ?



Why are we judged by the way we dress?

Why are we judged by the way we dress?

For some people, dressing is just a superficial way of presenting themselves to others and therefore this act should not factor into an individual's judgment. But then, why do people judge us by the way we dress?

While it is important to dress according to your company's "dressing code" , what you wear is also a reflection of your self-esteem and your way of being with your peers. Dressing plays a vital role in the first impression you give to others .

If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to perform the following test:

Go to your usual shopping center and watch people passing by for a few minutes. Select three people who appear to be waiting for someone. Now ask yourself these questions:

  • If you had to borrow money from one of these people, who would you go to? For what ?

  • If you needed direction, who would you ask? For what ?

  • If you needed a shoulder to cry on, who would you turn to? For what ?

Now, who among these three people do you think would stop to listen and respond to your request? For what ? In your opinion, what part of credibility is provided by the outfit or the clothes that make it up?

What can an impeccable and appropriate outfit do for you?

Why is it so important to be properly dressed?

The answer is simple: in the business world, actions always speak louder than words. This will never change. Perfectly mastering your attire can make the difference when signing a contract, finding a job, getting an appointment, climbing the ladder in your company... So why settle for less when you have the possibility of obtaining more by spending the same amount of energy?

Trust us, dressing properly will make your life easier.

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