Comment donner une seconde vie à votre chemisier blanc ?

How to give a second life to your white blouse?

How to give a second life to your white blouse?

If you have a white shirt or blouse in your wardrobe and want to give it a fresh start, read the tips in this article carefully. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some tips so that your neglected white blouse can once again become your best fashion ally. Here's how to freshen up your white blouse or white shirt.

We have explained it to you, the white blouse is one of the essential pieces of chic and feminine dressing . But there is one golden rule to always look fabulous in this timeless piece:

A crisp white blouse

If you want to always be impeccably dressed and remarkable in your white blouse, remember that it absolutely must be clean and in very good condition. So make sure you maintain it correctly, that is to say by following the maintenance instructions. Wash it at the maximum temperature indicated on the information label inside and do not iron it at too high a temperature. If necessary, use a good quality whitening agent to maintain its pristine color.

Give your blouse a new style

This tip will only take you a few minutes but will bring a lot of style and uniqueness to your favorite room. Like a blank painter's canvas, white blouses can very easily be modified to have a slightly more haute couture style. How ? Simply replace the original buttons, often translucent or white, and replace them with pretty colored buttons. You can opt for buttons of the same color or choose to mix a few neutral or bright shades, according to your desires and your personal style . You will undoubtedly find suitable buttons in a haberdashery. If you are not very comfortable with sewing, relax: Sewing a button is simple and you will find many video tutorials on the internet.

The pleasant feeling of dry cleaning

You certainly know the pleasure provided by a good dry cleaning and know how nice it is to wear clothes straight from the dry cleaners. The quality of care is such that we often have the impression of rediscovering our garment. However, in addition to the cost of this type of cleaning, it is not always practical to make trips to the dry cleaners. If you want to find that pleasant feeling of new clothes, know that there are also special wipes to put in your dryer. A practical and less expensive solution to keep your white blouse looking impeccable.

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