Le guide indispensable pour des tenues de travail féminines

The essential guide to feminine work outfits

The essential guide to feminine work outfits

Even if you have to follow a dressing code imposed by your company , you should not perceive your professional outfits as boring. Indeed, chic and slightly formal pieces like blazer jackets, tailored pants, pencil skirts or even buttoned blouses are, in reality, basic clothes with which you can create an unlimited number of work-appropriate outfits.

Whether you work in a traditional company or a company with a more relaxed atmosphere, our guide dedicated to work outfits for women in companies will certainly offer you some good advice.

The best investment

Owning a pair of classic black shoes is definitely the most profitable investment you can make. Typically, conservative companies require women to wear a classic, comfortable pair of black heels. Barefoot shoes and peep-toe shoes that leave the toes exposed are considered inappropriate. It is therefore necessary to wear closed shoes.

Although some companies allow women to wear printed shoes or colorful shoes, opting for black shoes will make your professionalism stand out more and will allow you to easily combine these shoes with all your outfits. Therefore, you can opt for black stilettos or pumps with a small heel to balance your outfit and give it more elegance.

The formal occasion suit

A business suit consisting of a blazer jacket and straight pants is common attire among conservative businesses. However, you also have the option of choosing a suit consisting of a pencil skirt or even leather pants if your company's dress code allows you to do so. You can also opt for skinny pants but don't overdo it by choosing pants that are fuzzy or that can look like sweatpants. Only keep clothes in your closet that are appropriate and stylish for your work . For example, choose to wear a buttoned shirt with a blazer jacket which perfectly dresses up simple, close-fitting pants. You can also choose printed sets consisting of a fitted jacket and pants, always keeping in mind the conventions specific to your company.

The blazer jacket for accessories

Maxi dresses and midi dresses are an ideal choice for work attire. However, be aware that by wearing them you expose your neckline as well as your arms if you wear short sleeves. If you are not sure whether the style of your dress is wise enough for your work, simply wear it with a chic blazer jacket which will balance your outfit by making it more sober and wise. So it will be perfect for the office.

The right choice: the buttoned blouse

Although chiffon or crepe blouses are perfect for achieving a very feminine corporate look, remember that white shirts go well with most of your outfits and are easier to dress up or accessorize . You can think about sporting an elegant necklace, a brooch or even a belt to spice up your outfit. Wearing a light-colored top can also make it easier for you to wear a printed skirt or pants.

Choose warm sweaters

If you think classic trench coats and wool coats are too dressy, you can choose to wear a sweater or cardigan that conforms to your company dress code. Chunky sweaters, oversized sweaters, and sweaters that give a sloppy look should be excluded from the list of what you can wear to work. Try to have at least one neutral-colored piece in your closet so you can wear it with many outfits. When you wear this piece, don't forget to layer it with a button-up shirt with the collar popping out above the sweater.

Prints and patterns? With moderation

Patterns and prints are some of the fantasies that you can incorporate into the outfit you wear for work to add a little life and personality to it. However, this possibility will depend on your environment and the atmosphere within your company. Some companies only accept neutral shades or colors such as black, white, gray and navy, so be careful not to go against these rules. Traditionally, black and white stripes are a classic print, and dots are also allowed as long as you can combine them harmoniously. However, it is better to give up unexpected color combinations and flashy prints. This last instruction, however, depends on the clothing conventions adopted by your company.

Casual-chic and trendy pants

For casual Friday wear, you can be more creative by swapping the straight pants you usually wear for more casual pants. However, keep your outfit smart in order to maintain a professional image, which is a real asset that can help you progress more easily in your career.

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