Mode et vêtements : choisir les couleurs faites pour vous.

Fashion and clothing: choose the colors made for you.

Fashion and clothing: choose the colors made for you.

Fashion and clothing: choose the colors made for you.

You must have heard one day “This color suits you so well!” ". There is a good reason for this. Some colors work better with your skin tone and hair color than others. It's quite simple to determine which color best flatters your skin tone. To do this, simply slide different colored fabrics under your face and check which ones brighten your face and which ones darken your complexion.

Of course, there are so many shades of skin and hair color that it is difficult to provide you with an exhaustive list, but when it comes to clothing colors and skin and hair shades, it is possible to establish some basics.

Today, Mademoiselle Grenade invites you to discover these bases to discover which colors are most likely to be suited to your skin tone and hair color.

Recommended colors

If you have dark brown or brown hair and dark skin: wear tops and blouses in shades of red, dark pink, coral, yellow, etc.

If you have brown hair and tanned skin: wear tops and blouses in shades of brown, peach, light pink, etc.

If you have blonde, red or gray hair and pale skin: opt for tops and blouses in shades of green, sky blue, turquoise, lilac…

Warm colors and cold colors

Colors are generally classified into two types of categories. There are warm colors and cold colors. Shades of red are classified as warm colors while blues belong to the category of cool shades.

If you have dark skin, warm tones will be more flattering. So reds, oranges, pinks, peaches and yellows (as long as they don't have blue undertones) will be best suited to flatter your skin tone. This is also the case for shades of brown. However, just because you have pale skin doesn't mean you can't wear warm shades. You just have to pay attention to the shades worn.

For example, if you have pale skin, you can wear pink. You simply have to opt for a pink containing a shade of blue. If you have slightly tanned or rather pale skin, cool colors will be more likely to highlight you. Cool shades (like blues, greens, mauves, or grays) are in fact more suited to fair skin. A top chosen in a light shade of blue will be perfect.

Take into account the color of your hair and your makeup

The ideal color does not only depend on your skin tone. You also need to consider your hair color and even your makeup. If, for example, you have brown or dark hair, warm shades will be more suitable. If, on the other hand, you are blonde, red-headed or have gray hair, it's a safe bet that cool tones will make you look better. Thus, a pretty brunette will look good wearing red while a blonde or a beautiful redhead will be flattered by opting for green.

Of course, you always have the option of changing your hair color and changing your skin tone a little by changing your makeup or foundation. This way you can (and most likely should) change the color palette made for you. Because even if you now know which colors are right for you, you are not (and never will be) tied to just one palette.

Despite everything, it's a safe bet that from now on you'll more easily stick to the color palette that's most flattering for you.

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