Mode : la signification des couleurs.

Fashion: the meaning of colors.

Fashion: the meaning of colors.

The fashion world often talks about the psychological meaning of colors. Mademoiselle Grenade offers you a brief summary of the impact or meaning of the colors used in our outfits.

First of all, we distinguish colors close to red on the color wheel from those close to blue. Red shades are considered warm shades while those close to blue are cooler. Although psychologists' opinions may differ regarding the importance of color, they most often agree on the following points:

The Red

Red represents strength and courage while blue is cooler and more intellectual.


Yellow is an emotional color that exudes confidence and optimism.

The green

Green, which is at the center of the light spectrum (all the wavelengths of which it is made up) is considered the color of balance and harmony.

The purple

Purple is a spiritual color that leads to introspection. It is often said that a person surrounded by this color can quickly become depressed. It should therefore be used sparingly.


Black is a mysterious, chic and sophisticated color . However, it can also be threatening. It is not for nothing that it is used in films to highlight elegance ( Audrey Hepburn and her famous little black dress ) or to dress the big bad guys (Darth Vader in Star Wars).

The White

White is a pure, hygienic color . It is often synonymous with good health or sterility.

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