D'autres couleurs se cachent derrière le noir

Other colors hide behind black

Other colors hide behind black

With few exceptions, most women can wear any color. Yes, there are tips that will allow you to find truly flattering colors depending on your complexion, your hair color, etc. However, if you want to wear orange or pink, there is nothing really stopping you. You may have some makeup, lipstick, or accessory adjustments to make, but you should be able to wear any color you want. In any case, nothing obliges you to stick with your usual shades. Miss Grenade gives you some basic guidelines so you can experiment with colors for yourself.

Master the colors: Black

It's true, black is flattering and chic on most women and men. However, if you have black or very dark hair and brown skin, you will probably need to enhance this chic and mysterious shade a little with a contrasting bright or pastel color. A wardrobe composed only of black clothes and easily moody . If you are wearing this shade because it is visually slimming then only wear it on the areas you want to minimize and wear colors on the ones you can highlight. If, for example, you want to give more importance to your chest than your hips, choose a black skirt and combine it with a colorful top or blouse.

Master the colors: Red

Red suits almost everyone. If you're lucky enough to have a redhead, it might be best to choose a different color. If you want to wear this bright shade, don't overdo it. The red monochrome look doesn't suit everyone and it's particularly difficult to pull off. So avoid wearing a red dress with red lipstick and red shoes.

Master the colors: Light gray and light blue

These two colors suit everyone. They can also be considered neutral colors. Trust your instinct, the reflection your mirror gives you. You need to pay attention to the impact that colors have on you and your outfit. Neutral colors are interesting but don't get too stuck in a dead end. Life is too short to get stuck in a neutral palette. Have fun.

Colors to broaden your silhouette:

If you want to give more importance to all or part of your silhouette, favor light and bright colors like white, yellow, orange, apple green, etc.

Colors to camouflage your silhouette:

If you want to be discreet and not be the object of all the attention and stares, opt for shades of beige, gray or pastel colors .

Colors to slim your figure:

If you want to minimize all or part of your figure, choose dark shades. Opt for shades of black, shades of dark brown, or navy blue.

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