Habillez-vous chic avec nos conseils de mode pour les femmes rondes

Dress chic with our fashion tips for curvy women

Dress chic with our fashion tips for curvy women

Whether you're short, tall, thin or more voluptuous, we all want to show off by putting together our wardrobe. The idea of ​​well-being, of being in agreement with oneself, of accepting oneself as one is led designers to produce models to dress petite women but also those with more generous shapes. Magazines brought their expertise and helped change women's views on how they could dress elegantly in all circumstances. Perhaps also caused an awakening of conscience to refuse the dictates of fashion which would only be aimed at ultra-thin or even skeletal young women. After all, fashion is meant to make every woman happy at the height of these desires.

How to dress when you are a curvy woman?

Take a positive look at your figure

Like all women, you will be tempted by a diet but like all of us you will realize that the efforts are sometimes too great. You have difficulty admitting your measurements and when the time comes to choose the size of a fitted dress or a top, you are a little desperate. It is easier to commit to a less ambitious but much more realistic mission by agreeing to control a few foods that particularly tempt you. Maintain a positive self-image. Don't devalue yourself. The most important thing is to accept yourself and focus your efforts on the choice of outfits that you put together every day to appear elegant. It is allowed for everyone.

What cuts should I prefer for my clothes?

While there's nothing wrong with wearing cuts to further accentuate body contours or to conceal them, you'll want changes. It's never nice to appear in the same style and colors every day. Don’t be afraid to add some variations to your outfits. You can opt for close-fitting clothing as well as looser cuts. The important thing is to only wear cuts that fit your body shape. Even if fashion dictates very tight-fitting clothing, it is completely unsuitable to compress your body because blood circulation must be free. Don't necessarily fall for its body-hugging cuts if you're not comfortable. What would stop women from wearing flowing clothes? Think gorgeous flowy maxi dresses, midi skirts and peplum tops. These clothes do not suffocate you and are suitable for women with a slightly round waist.

A size too small

So you can wear outfits with cutouts, ruffles or original patterns. A few stars set the trend on television and also made it possible to unwind all those who did not dare to wear what makes small sizes so charming. You can also feel sexy, elegant and liberated. Most importantly, you can appreciate yourself as you are. You can accessorize your outfits with a pretty belt without looking ridiculous. The only precaution is to choose the right size, the one that allows you all movements without constraint.

Black is black

Popular rumor might be that only black will make you stand out. But no. There are a multitude of colors that will beautify you and make your life much more joyful. It's up to you to combine all these vibrant shades: Have fun with shades of pink, vibrant yellows, greens or blues. Also familiarize yourself with more neutral shades like whites, grays and browns. Even in winter, a little pep in your color palette is preferred.

Wear bold prints

Prints worn horizontally, vertically or overly thick are supposedly unsuitable for large sizes... This is not true. Remember, it's not the clothes that make your figure. Your body is what it is. Ignoring the patterns printed on your clothes will not change your measurements! So don't hesitate to wear these details which will allow you to renew your style. It is your self-confidence that is most important and nothing else. Don't let yourself be locked into a box of stereotypical thoughts that would lead you to take no pleasure in shopping and to ask yourself every morning " what will I wear to be beautiful and fulfilled?" .

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