Comment s’habiller avec des hanches larges et quelles couleurs porter ?

How to dress with wide hips and what colors to wear?

The change of season is conducive to renewing your wardrobe. You come back from vacation very motivated and ready to implement the best resolutions to take even greater care with your presentation. Your most ardent wish is to make your figure look slimmer. You are one of those who have a body shape characterized by wide hips . Most of the time you wear shift dresses to hide what embarrasses you in dark colors and thus make you look slimmer. Why not let yourself be convinced that all colors are your best allies? Mademoiselle Grenade guides you to obtain this elegance, this look that you are hoping for.

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Comment paraître plus voluptueuse quand on est trop maigre ?

How to appear more voluptuous when you are too skinny?

The vacation allowed you to relax, to practice your favorite sporting activities, but now you have returned to your usual lifestyle. You're not like most women who are obsessed with dieting. You don't want to lose the few kilos that would have slipped onto the scale after the excesses of the summer. No. You are one of those who, on the contrary, would like to have taken a few extra centimeters to beautify their silhouette. Your more voluptuous friends envy your figure. However, it's also not always a dream situation to be too skinny, except on the catwalk.

Are you a skinny woman who wants a curvier silhouette? Here are some ideas to more easily achieve your wish.

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Les erreurs à ne pas faire pour paraitre plus grande

Mistakes not to make to appear taller

The right height is an obsession among young girls who consider this physical characteristic to be essential. The reality is that many girls have to be satisfied with a more modest height. If you are one of those girls who want to look taller without unnecessary surgery or medications, it is reasonable to learn how to dress yourself while avoiding the most common pitfalls. Mademoiselle Grenade advises you on the rules to follow and the pitfalls to avoid to lengthen your silhouette and appear taller .

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Comment s’habiller avec des hanches et des fesses généreuses ?

How to dress with generous hips and buttocks?

Some women are self-conscious about their hips or buttocks and don't always dare to wear chic and elegant clothes. Confused, they don't know what outfits to wear to highlight their anatomy. If you have generous hips or butt, you should know that it is difficult to find clothes that fit your lower half. Mademoiselle Grenade suggests some styles of clothing that will make you a chic and confident woman .

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Style : 10 situations où la personnalité est plus importante que votre morphologie.

Style: 10 situations where personality is more important than your body shape.

A person's clothing style does not only depend on their body shape, hair color or skin color. Personality is probably the most important element in building a true, authentic personal style.

Your personality is the key to finding clothes in which you will feel confident and completely comfortable. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some situations to prove to you that before your body shape, it is your personality which is the basis of your style.

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Comment s’habiller quand on a une morphologie de type sablier ?

How to dress when you have an hourglass body type?

Considered to be the ideal figure for a woman, the hourglass body type allows you to wear the most flattering clothing. If you would like to learn more about playing to your physical strengths, we invite you to continue reading this article. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you today some tips and advice for dressing your X-shaped silhouette and accentuating the natural contour of your perfect curves.

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Comment s’habiller quand on a une forte poitrine ?

How to dress when you have large chest?

While having a large chest can be seen as a blessing by some women, it can also be seen as a handicap by other women. There is of course the fact that a chest that is too large can be painful and cause back problems. Furthermore, some women do not know how to dress and highlight their generous figure. Today, Miss Grenade gives you some tips that will help you dress with style and feel comfortable and confident.

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Comment s’habiller pour s’adapter à sa morphologie ?

How to dress to suit your body shape?

V, A, X, O, I and H… Every woman has her own silhouette and the letter that corresponds to it. Whether you have slightly broad or slender shoulders, a narrow or well-defined pelvis, but also large or small legs, it is possible to define “rules” that will help you choose the right clothes. Mademoiselle Grenade deciphers the dress codes for you according to body type .

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Comment s’habiller quand on a des épaules carrées ?

How to dress when you have square shoulders?

If you have a body shape with broad shoulders, then you have already encountered this difficulty: you need to feminize your silhouette. It's not always easy to break the appearance of these shoulders which, although they give you an athletic look, are sometimes too much for an evening dress. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you her tips.

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Comment s’habiller quand on a des hanches larges ?

How to dress when you have wide hips?

Do you have slightly wide hips? Nothing to worry about! Size 40 is the most represented among French women. And then it is the women in size 42 who are the most numerous... So, any complexes? None ! Whether it's sexy or everyday dressing, it's all about balance. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you tips for making the right clothing choices if you have wide hips .

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