Guide morphologie : Le rectangle

Morphology guide: The rectangle

The rectangle symbolizes a silhouette characterized by broad shoulders, a shallow waist and hips of the same width as the shoulders. Mademoiselle Grenade takes stock of this body shape with you and gives you some fashion advice.

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Guide morphologie : La pyramide

Morphology guide: The pyramid

Characterized by hips wider than the shoulders and a marked waist, the pyramid, triangle or A morphology is explained to you in this article. Find out what you can and cannot wear based on your figure.

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Guide morphologie : Le huit.

Morphology guide: The eight.

Quite close to the morphology of the hourglass, the figure eight is characterized by feminine shapes. Slightly drooping and rounded shoulders, round hips and pretty rounded buttocks. A perfect silhouette like Monica Bellucci.

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Guide morphologie : Le sablier

Morphology guide: The hourglass

Are you often told that everything suits you? Maybe it's because you are one of the women who belong to the hourglass body shape. The so-called hourglass morphology (also called X morphology) is considered to be THE ideal silhouette. Discover this silhouette and the fashion tips that come with it.

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