Définissez votre style personnel

Define your personal style

Define your personal style

The number of accessories and clothes you can buy to build your style is unlimited. What you choose to wear defines your personal style. Therefore, if you only buy fashionable clothes , you will have a very trendy style. But style is not only defined by highly trendy pieces. Your style can also be defined by the fact that you wear raw blue jeans and a white T-shirt day after day. By carefully choosing the clothes you wear every day, you project an image of yourself. In this article Mademoiselle Grenade offers you some starting points for developing your own personal style.

Get to know the different styles and fabrics

To have complete confidence when shopping for clothes, you need to familiarize yourself with the fabrics and different styles available. This way, when you take a good look at the clothes in the stores, you will be absolutely sure of what you are buying. Staying alert to new trends is also important. Reading a magazine specializing in fashion at least once a month is a good way to find out about the latest fashionable pieces and therefore stay in the loop. Remember that advertisements are as important as the articles of the various journalists and columnists. We will see in a future article what details you need to pay attention to. For now, keep in mind that magazines, just like what celebrities wear on red carpets or on TV shows, can tell you the trends of the moment. Even if you're only focusing on an outfit that you particularly like, you should get into the habit of familiarizing yourself with basic trends: types of hems, seams, colors, cuts, and materials.

Consider your characteristics

Can our attributes be important in the development of our personal style? Completely. Your way of life, your age, your profession, your behavior, your hobbies… All these characteristics play an important role in defining your personal clothing style. Here are the main points:

Your style is defined by your lifestyle:

Are you a single woman living in a big city or the mother of three rambunctious young children? When you are on leave, do you spend your days in shopping centers or are you more fond of walking in the forest or by the sea? These questions and especially their answers define your lifestyle and, ultimately , help you define your personal style.

Your style is defined by your age:

Everyone wants to look younger, right? The desire to look a few years younger is very natural and your clothing style can help you with this goal. There's nothing wrong with wanting to own and wear the latest trends but make them age-appropriate. There are trends that cross generations without ever going out of style. Take for example the case of dresses with asymmetrical necklines , worn on one shoulder. A few years ago it was the absolute trend and practically all the Stars wore one during the ceremonies (Oscars, Césars, Golden Globes…). Although of varying ages, the celebrities had all adopted this trend to present themselves in the spotlight of photographers. And all these Stars wore this fashion perfectly: If the dresses were similar from a style point of view, what differed was mainly the way they wore these dresses. Don't be worried about wearing the latest fashion if you like it. But make sure you embrace the trend in a way that suits your age, personality, and body type .

Your style is defined by your profession:

If you work in an office, the dress code is probably different from the one you would have to follow if you were a saleswoman in a fashion store, or a teacher. Although you are obliged to deal with the constraints of your job, your company and its dress code, this does not prevent you from following your personal style .

Your style is defined by your behavior:

Whether you are a free spirit or have a more relaxed temperament, your clothes reflect your attitude and your behavior. So use your wardrobe to express yourself.

Your style is defined by your hobbies:

What you do with your free time also determines your appearance and your clothing style. Whether you spend your days off going to the shops or running along a beach or going for walks in the forest, your look will reflect your personality and what you like to do in your free time.

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