Organisez votre dressing avec des cintres en bois

Organize your closet with wooden hangers

Organize your closet with wooden hangers

Most women, when they think about it, would like to have a dream wardrobe. A dressing room worthy of a movie or a TV series. However, very often, they have amassed piles of clothes over the seasons and generally have enough pieces to create varied looks. Putting a little order in your wardrobe and paying as much attention to the layout of your wardrobe as to your clothes is important.

Tip for a functional dressing room: the wooden hanger

To understand your personal style clearly, you need to pay attention to how your clothes are organized, how they are stored and maintained. The idea is not to bring in a company specializing in design and ask them to completely renovate your wardrobe, install shelves, etc. so that you have a dressing room worthy of Carrie Bradshaw. Rather, the idea is to take care of your clothes and treat them with a little more respect in a functional wardrobe .

For this, you should start by investing in wooden hangers. There are two types that you absolutely must have: On the one hand, hangers dedicated to dresses , blouses , blouses and jackets , and those which have clips to support pants and skirts . Usually the cost of these hangers is only a few euros. You can of course choose some in rare or elegant wood species but in reality, any wood species will do.

Don’t hesitate to browse discount stores or supermarkets to benefit from attractive prices. But whether they are offered at attractive prices or not, wooden hangers are essential because they are solid and help to extend the life of your clothes. They maintain their shape (much more than plastic or metal ones) and prevent your favorite pieces from wrinkling or creasing.

Buy ten at once (or more depending on your budget) and you will very quickly have a wardrobe which will not only delight your clothes by taking care of them but will also flatter your eyes while allowing you to see more clearly the possibilities of looks within your reach.

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