Who is Mademoiselle Grenade


We are a young family-owned company born in Le Mans (France) in 2010.

We define Mademoiselle Grenade through its values:

  • Respect for customers
  • Respect for products
  • Respect for manufacturing

Respect for customers:

We should say: "of the customer"; as we are committed to personalizing our relationships with our clientele.

Our company caters to young women and women who care about their elegance, femininity, and charm.


"Between two trains, between two doors; between two planes taking off..."
(C. Aznavour)


In today's busy world, modern women don't always have the time to shop in stores or malls.

Our catalog offers the opportunity to create a highly refined wardrobe for both major and minor occasions, chic, glamorous, and affordable.

Mademoiselle Grenade is an online women's clothing store. Fully Secure.


Respect for products:

Mademoiselle Grenade selects a wide range of very attractive clothing for you at very reasonable prices.

These outfits (all verified) perfectly match the image of a refined and stylish woman; right in line with the current trends.

They combine femininity and glamour, bringing authentic charm to those who wear them without straying from current trends.

Modern materials and the originality of Mademoiselle Grenade's style blend with tradition's elegance.


Respect for manufacturing:

In an era of major brands, international labels, and stereotypical global manufacturing, Mademoiselle Grenade proudly focuses on traditional manufacturing.

With a commitment to ethical manufacturing and marketing, Mademoiselle Grenade seeks exclusively European partners (manufacturers and suppliers).

Furthermore, in the spirit of proximity to our customers, Mademoiselle Grenade commits – as much as possible – to minimize delivery times and is always at your service with its welcoming, courteous, and reassuring customer service.

Since 2010, we have been proving to our loyal customers and thousands of Facebook fans that an online store can combine customer respect, product respect, and moral values.

Mademoiselle Grenade opens the doors of its wardrobe catalog for you, so you can now see the quality of the cuts and the originality of the items, which, while being chic and glamorous, are offered at very reasonable prices.

Mademoiselle Grenade is pleased to have you among its future customers.