Mode femme : guide pour acheter moins, mieux et transformer votre look dans le temps.

Buy better and transform your look over time.

You may be heading into the new season hoping it's going to be an opportunity to make yourself even more stylish - and we're here to help you get there. Whether you're hanging on to old clothes that are never worn or items that were purchased on impulse and only ended up being worn once, we are all guilty of making decisions too quickly. when it comes to our wardrobe. To create space, save money and highlight the contents of your wardrobe, adopt the following tips and you will be fully satisfied with your clothing choices .

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Comment s’habiller avec élégance ?

How to dress elegantly?

Is it time for you to change your style? Want to add a little sophistication and class to your everyday outfits? It is not uncommon to prefer a more sophisticated outfit for work than for weekends. Maybe you have a new job and the acquisition of some rather chic new business outfits appeals to you. Maybe you've moved to a new city, or maybe you just need a refresh to represent who you've become. Are you wondering how to make this transition and how to dress chic?

We will guide you to facilitate your search for what will dress you elegantly and adapt perfectly to your personality. This new wardrobe should accompany you for several years.

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Mode femme : Comment choisir le trench-coat parfait ?

How to choose the perfect trench coat?

After the Second World War, women took ownership of the trench coat and this is how Burberry and other renowned houses gradually departed from the original trench coat, offering new designs and colors. Today, there are a lot of styles and shades available. The variety of the trench coat is found in the length, cut, lapels and hems, as well as in the colors offered. This is why every woman can now find her ideal trench coat . The trench coat corresponding to your body shape and complexion. Mademoiselle Grenade presents the different trench designs and advises you on how to find the perfect trench.

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Mode femme : Comment gérer l’attention avec succès ?

How to manage attention successfully?

One of the most common forms of resistance when it comes to dressing better is the reaction our loved ones may have.

When we make a few changes in our clothing style, we inevitably attract attention. Whether the judgments are negative or positive, it is difficult to move past them. You will inevitably have comments, jokes, etc. There is a good chance that you feel exposed, even vulnerable.

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Guide à l’intention des femmes qui souhaitent améliorer leur style personnel

Guide for women who want to improve their personal style

Does your wardrobe make you feel like you're stuck in a style that doesn't really suit you? Despite everything, do you still want to feel better in your clothes and be more confident in outfits that reflect your own clothing style?

Believe it or not…having a chic wardrobe is much easier than you imagine

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Comment gérer les personnes qui détestent la mode ?

How to deal with people who hate fashion?

Some people simply don't understand fashion and easily criticize its actors and those who wear it. Are you naturally attracted to fashion and like to work on your personal style but don't know how to deal with these types of people and the thoughts that arise in their company? Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some advice for dealing with unpleasant comments and fully living your love for clothing fashion. 

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Quelques astuces mode pour trouver votre style personnel

Some fashion tips for finding your personal style

Do you want to create your personal style ? Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some simple tips to gently guide you towards a style in which you will be perfectly comfortable and confident. A clothing style that will allow you to stand out while being recognized for your keen sense of fashion. 

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Comment avoir un style minimaliste et créatif ?

How to have a minimalist and creative style?

Having the audacity to create a personalized minimalist style is the challenge that some of you face every day. Minimalist fashion is not necessarily risk-free. Quite the contrary. It's much easier to make a statement with bright colors and graphic patterns. Stand out through more subtle changes, refine your look by limiting the palette of colors in your wardrobe, focus your preference on cuts, textures and volumes... All this will call on your creative skills and it's a real challenge.

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