TEST : Savez-vous entretenir vos vêtements et accessoires avec efficacité ?

TEST: Do you know how to take care of your clothes effectively?

Giving your clothes proper care contributes to a longer lifespan and better appearance. You will find that choosing the right tools, the right tips... makes caring for your clothes easier and more interesting. Do you have a well-organized storage space? Is your laundry basket full? Is your cleaning kit suitable for each of your clothes? If necessary, do you have a dry cleaner near you? Maintaining your clothes is essential to have an impeccable look but also so that your basics, like the clothes that define your personal style , last through the years while retaining their power of seduction.

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Astuces pour lutter contre les taches : Rouge à lèvres, café...

Tips to fight against stains: Lipstick, coffee...

Stains occur on thousands of clothes in thousands of homes every day. And, because these stains can really contribute to making you have a very bad day, Mademoiselle Grenade offers you today some tips to fight against this scourge and overcome the most stubborn stains.

Lipstick ? Blood ? Grass ? No matter where the stain comes from, here's how to remove it before it sets in for good.

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Les fibres naturelles : Le lin

Natural fibers: Linen

Mainly grown in France, linen is one of the rare plant textile fibers grown in Europe. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of this fiber whose cultivation is healthy for the environment.

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Les fibres naturelles : Le coton

Natural fibers: Cotton

If chemical fibers have long gone beyond the stage of simple imitation, natural fibers have a rich past and remain considered noble fibers. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of cotton.

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Les fibres textiles

Textile fibers

Whether natural or chemical, textile fibers are the basic ingredients of all fabrics. Mademoiselle Grenade helps you decipher the secrets, advantages and disadvantages of the different fibers used in textiles.

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