Comment habiller une morphologie de type pyramide ?

How to dress a pyramid type body shape?

Sometimes called a pear, triangle or A-shaped body shape, the pyramid type body shape is characterized by a waist wider than the bust, very rounded hips and buttocks and shoulders narrower than the latter. Whatever shapes you want to show off (or hide), we've got you covered with this 6-step guide to dressing up your pyramid body shape .

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Morphologie en rond : les caractéristiques et les conseils pour l'habiller.

How to dress a round body type?

Do you have a round body shape? Rejoice! Sometimes called an apple, round or O-shaped morphology, this morphology is quite close to the inverted pyramid type morphology. These two body shapes are known for their broad shoulders, but in general, the round body shape is characterized by thighs and a waist of almost the same width as the shoulders. Most of the time, the shoulder line is rounded, the arms are thick and the waist is very little defined. Whatever shapes you want to show off (or hide), we've got you covered with this 6-step guide to dressing your curvy body type .

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Comment s’habiller avec des hanches larges et quelles couleurs porter ?

How to dress with wide hips and what colors to wear?

The change of season is conducive to renewing your wardrobe. You come back from vacation very motivated and ready to implement the best resolutions to take even greater care with your presentation. Your most ardent wish is to make your figure look slimmer. You are one of those who have a body shape characterized by wide hips . Most of the time you wear shift dresses to hide what embarrasses you in dark colors and thus make you look slimmer. Why not let yourself be convinced that all colors are your best allies? Mademoiselle Grenade guides you to obtain this elegance, this look that you are hoping for.

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Comment paraître plus voluptueuse quand on est trop maigre ?

How to appear more voluptuous when you are too skinny?

The vacation allowed you to relax, to practice your favorite sporting activities, but now you have returned to your usual lifestyle. You're not like most women who are obsessed with dieting. You don't want to lose the few kilos that would have slipped onto the scale after the excesses of the summer. No. You are one of those who, on the contrary, would like to have taken a few extra centimeters to beautify their silhouette. Your more voluptuous friends envy your figure. However, it's also not always a dream situation to be too skinny, except on the catwalk.

Are you a skinny woman who wants a curvier silhouette? Here are some ideas to more easily achieve your wish.

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Les erreurs à ne pas faire pour paraitre plus grande

Mistakes not to make to appear taller

The right height is an obsession among young girls who consider this physical characteristic to be essential. The reality is that many girls have to be satisfied with a more modest height. If you are one of those girls who want to look taller without unnecessary surgery or medications, it is reasonable to learn how to dress yourself while avoiding the most common pitfalls. Mademoiselle Grenade advises you on the rules to follow and the pitfalls to avoid to lengthen your silhouette and appear taller .

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Habillez-vous chic avec nos conseils de mode pour les femmes rondes

Dress chic with our fashion tips for curvy women

Whether you're short, tall, thin or more voluptuous, we all want to show off by putting together our wardrobe. The idea of ​​well-being, of being in agreement with oneself, of accepting oneself as one is led designers to produce models to dress petite women but also those with more generous shapes. Magazines brought their expertise and helped change women's views on how they could dress elegantly in all circumstances. Perhaps also caused an awakening of conscience to refuse the dictates of fashion which would only be aimed at ultra-thin or even skeletal young women. After all, fashion is meant to make every woman happy at the height of these desires.

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Comment s’habiller avec des hanches et des fesses généreuses ?

How to dress with generous hips and buttocks?

Some women are self-conscious about their hips or buttocks and don't always dare to wear chic and elegant clothes. Confused, they don't know what outfits to wear to highlight their anatomy. If you have generous hips or butt, you should know that it is difficult to find clothes that fit your lower half. Mademoiselle Grenade suggests some styles of clothing that will make you a chic and confident woman .

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Comment s’habiller avec de larges épaules ?

How to dress with broad shoulders?

Your body shape has the following particularity: your shoulders are a little larger than the rest of your body. You would like to find the clothes that will perfectly give you the desired look. It's not mission impossible. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some tips to help you achieve your goal and you will thus be sure of your elegance and your silhouette.

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Comment choisir une jupe qui flatte votre silhouette ?

How to choose a skirt that flatters your figure?

In order to accentuate your femininity and always look remarkable, you must choose clothes that flatter your figure. If the skirt is an essential part of a woman's wardrobe, there are so many different models that it is not always easy to find the skirt best suited to our figure. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some advice to find the skirt made for you.

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Style : 10 situations où la personnalité est plus importante que votre morphologie.

Style: 10 situations where personality is more important than your body shape.

A person's clothing style does not only depend on their body shape, hair color or skin color. Personality is probably the most important element in building a true, authentic personal style.

Your personality is the key to finding clothes in which you will feel confident and completely comfortable. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some situations to prove to you that before your body shape, it is your personality which is the basis of your style.

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Adaptez vos bijoux à votre morphologie

Adapt your jewelry to your body shape

If you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your outfit, it's hard not to finish your look with a pretty piece of jewelry. Jewelry is simply essential. Today, various brands offer costume jewelry at very reasonable prices and you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it. Costume jewelry is on the rise and works real miracles. However, you need to know a few rules before rushing for the first piece of jewelry that flatters your retina in the window of your favorite jewelry store. Today, Mademoiselle Grenade guides you to adapt your jewelry to your morphology and physical characteristics .

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