Mode femme : Comment choisir le trench-coat parfait ?

How to choose the perfect trench coat?

How to choose the perfect trench coat?

Women's fashion: How to choose the perfect trench coat?

After the Second World War, women took possession of the trench coat and this is how Burberry and other renowned houses gradually deviated from the original trench coat characteristics: the trench coat designed by Thomas Burberry for British soldiers , offering new designs and colors. Today, there are a lot of styles and shades available. The variety of the trench coat is found in the length, cut, lapels and hems, as well as in the colors offered. This is why every woman can now find her ideal trench coat . The trench coat corresponding to your body shape and complexion. Mademoiselle Grenade presents the different trench designs and advises you on how to find the perfect trench.

How to find the ideal trench coat?

The short trench coat: this variation generally stops at the hips and is recommended for small women. In fact, they will visually appear larger. On the contrary, more slender women should avoid this type of trench because they will unbalance their silhouette. The only exception is for petite women with wide hips, which if worn in a short trench coat will make them stand out more.

The medium length trench coat: this is the classic variation of the trench coat. This is the model worn by the British forces during the war. This length suits almost all body types, making this model the ideal trench for both petite and taller women.

The long trench coat: it goes without saying that petite women should be wary of this significant length. However, if you still want to wear it, it is strongly recommended to wear high heels to compensate for your short height. As for tall women, the long trench coat will flatter their figure wonderfully.

The trench coat with wide lapels: this type of trench coat can perfectly suit short women if they want to hide certain small details of their anatomy, while tall women must be careful that this trench coat with wide lapels does not unbalance their silhouette.

The trench coat with flared hems and medium length: this variation is perfect for hourglass shapes and those with long legs.

Black trench coat for women, chic

Choosing the right shade of trench coat according to your complexion

The design of a trench coat is important, but in order to create a great look, you need to choose the right shade. The one that will perfectly match your complexion. 

  • For brunettes with a dark complexion, it is advisable to opt for shades far from their complexion. So avoid navy blue, black, brown or gray and instead choose warm shades like lemon yellow, ruby ​​red or shades of orange-brown.

  • Blondes will steal the show from the stars by wearing a brightly colored trench coat in pastel shades.

Regarding the white trench coat , it can flatter the natural complexion of chocolate skin, while it will make light skin look sick.

Finally, the classic trench coats , beige and khaki, will match any skin tone.

Choosing the right color combinations to wear your trench coat

Each color will appear differently depending on skin tone. This statement is also true when it comes to pairing and mixing different shades on an outfit. For example, black loses all its glory if it is combined with brown but will retain all its elegance next to sky blue. Brown and white have proven to be an ideal pair while white and lemon yellow will only bring a certain paleness and will only flatter you with a touch of gray. This is why owning a trench coat does not yet mean that you will be at the forefront of fashion and trend. It is therefore necessary to know how to wear your trench coat and with what colors .

Black trench coat for women

The black trench coat: one of the classic colors for the trench coat is undeniably black. Overall, black remains universal as it harmonizes with almost all shades. However, shades like brown or navy blue, will not work  always with black. On the other hand, the black and white combination is the epitome of elegance, while the black and red combo will make you look under pressure and stressed. Combining a black trench coat with denim pieces is a universal option that will come in handy when you are in a hurry and don't have time to think about another, more sophisticated outfit. You can also pair your black trench coat with a beige or gray skirt, creating a fresh and soft look. Bright colors like orange, lemon yellow, pink or mint green are recommended to accompany your black trench coat. They can appear in touches thanks to various accessories: scarf, scarf, handbag, etc.

The beige trench coat: this is the emblematic color of the trench coat. After all, the first trench coats were beige. Pairing a beige coat with blue, gray or brown clothing will give you a stylish and urban look. For a more conventional look, you can wear your beige trench coat with boots and black pants. 

Brown trench coat, chic and warm, for women

The brown trench coat: just like the black trench coat, it is not recommended to combine this dark shade with other dark shades. In particular, we advise you to be careful by wearing a brown trench coat because you can very easily appear older. If you still opt for a trench coat in brown tones, you can combine it with a white blouse or blouse for a fresh and fashionable outfit, while a pastel pink piece will exude chic and elegance! The ideal when you want to wear a brown trench coat is to put together an outfit with bold colors. 

Gray trench coat, in suede, for women

The gray trench coat: another classic color for a trench coat is gray, in all its shades. Creating stylish combinations with silver or ash gray is easy. You can throw on a gray trench coat with any black clothing, or blue pants paired with a white blouse. With an amaranth pink or mauve dress worn under a gray trench coat you will have a fresh and romantic look as desired. In some cases, gray looks great with yellow accents or prints, like  with a scarf for example!

The White Trench Coat: What you should keep in mind from the start is that you should never pair more than one color with your white trench coat. If you opt for a black suit, never add a third shade to your outfit. Or, if you prefer to pair your white trench with a blue ensemble, accessorize your outfit with blue or white details. For our blonde friends, dare to wear scarlet red or coral with your white trench coat, you will be ma-gni-fi-que!

The red trench coat: when you wear a brightly colored trench coat, it is imperative to combine it with neutral, dark pieces. Red is superb and goes very well with gray or navy blue, but there is no denying that the perfect harmony remains red and white or red and sky blue, which will draw all the attention to you.

The blue trench coat: blue has a palette of shades ranging from navy blue to turquoise and what makes this color so coveted is that its shades can be mixed with each other in perfect harmony. Simply pair your navy trench with pants  or a sky blue tailored skirt and a white blouse. Blue trench coats paired with white pieces create a great office outfit that is formal but very elegant. For more originality and a unique look, wear red, yellow or even a little orange with your trench coat.

Green trench coat for women

The green trench coat: before making associations, it is necessary to distinguish the shade of green of your trench coat. Mint green will work great with white or silver gray, while darker shades of green, like olive or teal, will pair better with navy or dark purple.

The yellow trench coat: yellow is the color of youth and energy, so if you stroll around in a yellow trench coat you will attract all eyes. The yellow trench coat will give more charm combined with blue shades.

The pink trench coat: it will always give you a fresh and girly appearance. You can wear it with a coral, scarlet or yellow skirt or blouse. To elevate yourself to the level of “It Girl”, then combine a blue shade with your pink trench coat.

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