Comment être une personne sympathique au travail ?

How to be a nice person at work?

How to be a nice person at work?

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for some people to be accepted by everyone at work? Having a reputation as a nice person at work is easier for some than for others. Maybe you're more reserved or you're used to having a smaller number of friends. Maybe you're the newest addition to the team and you're not sure where you fit in the company culture. So, if you're looking for tips on how to be friendlier in the office, always keep the following tips handy:

Don't exclude anyone

People always forget to include the “outsiders” or latest arrivals; either by accident or on purpose. Don't act like this with this type of person. Be the kind of person who remembers to talk to the person no one really talks to. Whether during a meal break or during an evening outside of work. Not only will you gain a new fan or friend, but you'll make everyone else notice you more. Some people may mock you, others may be jealous, but those who really matter will admire you.

Be useful and helpful, most of the time

Yes, you have your own job to do, but you also want to present the best possible image and appear approachable, right? Team leaders, in particular, will notice your team spirit more if you help your colleagues in need. Some tasks may seem simple to you but require more time for another person. So don't be afraid to stand out a little and be helpful.

Do acts of kindness to everyone

Kindness can definitely take you a long way. Be that person in the office who is always nice to everyone. We are all human beings, first and foremost. So don't hesitate to be as friendly with maintenance workers as you are with managers or your boss. We all have emotions and sometimes it's good to be kind (especially when you're having a bad day). You may not be the most popular person with those who have chosen not to be very likeable, but you will certainly have good press with your superiors and your employer.

Show emotional intelligence

Not only do you need to understand your own emotions to be able to control them in an office, but also those of others in your company. People who are emotionally intelligent tend to be able to communicate more easily with others - make it a point to be the colleague you can talk to when needed. The goal is not to become the one who will resolve all the conflicts or become the confidant of all the little miseries of your office colleagues.

Be polite, but be firm

Being polite to everyone will take you far. However, you must be firm in order to avoid everyone stepping on your toes and taking advantage of your kindness. If you cannot help someone else with a task, politely but firmly express your refusal. Otherwise, your colleagues will think that you are joking or on the contrary that you are very rude. Remember, you shouldn't get lost in trying to be nice and accepted by everyone.


Make sure you are perfectly dressed, fashionable

People are naturally attracted to people who dress well and take care of themselves. If you're trying to appear friendlier in the office, opt for a new dress or stylish accessories every once in a while. Remember, this doesn't have to be an expensive shopping spree. You can achieve great results on a limited budget, as long as you buy items that make you look beautiful and remarkable.

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Offer helpful advice to those who need it

None of us have complete knowledge. Sometimes it's nice to receive helpful advice from someone who is willing to listen. If you want to become more likeable in the office, be the kind of person who is willing to offer helpful advice to those who need it. You may notice that you become the person called "the good fairy." Don't be offended and enjoy this title. Who doesn't like to receive a little glory?

Know when to speak and when not to

If you have a habit of talking for fun, it might be a good time for you to stop. People don't like people who talk to be heard, especially in meetings. Learn to differentiate between times when you can speak up and when you should remain silent. Otherwise, you will be considered extremely rude and this will create the opposite effect of what you initially want: Appearing friendly.

Show gratitude

Give praise where it is right and deserved. If a co-worker accomplishes something quite remarkable or makes a client extremely happy, let her know that you think she did a great job. Don't be the person who remains silent and secretly envious...If, deep down, you are happy for your colleagues, let them know how grateful you are. Like you, they deserve to be complimented and congratulated when they do a good job.

Recognize the opportunity to learn

Employers tend to hire people who want to be trained. So if you want to improve your office likeability, you need to figure out the right time to listen, give advice, and most importantly, learn. You will score important points by doing this.

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