Conseils aux entreprises : des idées et des tenues… Au fil des ans.

Ideas and outfits… Over the years.

Ideas and outfits… Over the years.

Do you remember the 1970s? We're willing to bet yes. In the 1970s, colors were "strong", hair was long and lapels were imposing. Then came the 1980s and the style became sharper. Outfits were made up of straight and angular lines and hair was worn shorter. Styles change, right?


Fashion changes… including in the business world

In restaurants, hotels and businesses in general, fashions evolve . Believe it or not, there was a time when McDonald's was the trendy, trendy restaurant. Now, fast food restaurants have become casual establishments. Milkshakes and other chicken nuggets have shaken up the restaurant industry. This development also had an impact on employees' outfits. Styles change: in the world of ready-to-wear as well as in that of restaurants, hotels, etc.


Yesterday again...

If you are the owner of a hotel establishment, an events agency or the lucky person responsible for finding outfit ideas for employee uniforms , you must look to the past as well as to the future. You must have in mind the outfits of the 1970s and imagine those of tomorrow. What are the trends for this winter 2018 ? What will be those of 2019? If your business is consumer-facing - like a casino, restaurant or even a car dealership - you need to think, reflect and plan for the future. Your customers want to discover the next trend and want your restaurant, your hotel, your hostesses... to give them the impression of adapting to this new style.


Harmony of colors

Pay a little attention to colors. Remember, a few years ago, clothing was made up of contrasting colors (color-blocking). A few years back, the clothes were all natural colors. Even the cars were green, brown... Today, the colors are bolder. If you pay attention to the cuts of pants , skirts or dresses , you will see identical changes.


The dressing code and the image of your company

Your employees cannot have the same look forever and their uniforms must be updated to satisfy your customers. Your company's outfits must not only follow current trends but also anticipate those of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Don’t hesitate to dare to create trends yourself. Your business is unique and your staff's outfits should symbolize this uniqueness .

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