Comment gérer les personnes qui détestent la mode ?

How to deal with people who hate fashion?

How to deal with people who hate fashion?

How to deal with people who hate fashion?

Some people simply don't understand fashion and easily criticize its actors and those who wear it. Are you naturally attracted to fashion and like to work on your personal style but don't know how to deal with these types of people and the thoughts that arise in their company? Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some advice for dealing with unpleasant comments and fully living your love for clothing fashion. 

It's one of the most daunting things ever to have to deal with people who don't like fashion. Especially when you are a true style pioneer or a potential fashionista. 

It's a fact that most people dress conventionally so as not to be noticed and blend in with the crowd. When one shows sartorial audacity , some people have extreme judgment and can sometimes go so far as to want to ridicule any individual who does not comply with the expected dressing code. This is of course the case in schools, in particular from middle school to university, but it is sometimes also the case in the office. 

If you don't live in a big city or in a region with diverse styles, it's likely that you will encounter people who don't understand what you wear and/or criticize your clothing choices and your unique style. This is unfortunately the case when we live in a community where no one should leave a well (too) defined pattern. You will have to learn to deal with it in order to live your love for fashion in the best conditions. 

Here are some tips for dealing with this negativity while staying true to yourself.

Always be confident in your clothing choices

Wear clothes you love and rest assured that you look absolutely fabulous in every circumstance. Make sure you consistently love your reflection in the mirror. This way you will build up enough confidence to fight against negativity.

If you know deep down that you look good, the criticism won't get to you. On the other hand, if you have the slightest doubt about a part of your outfit, the smallest comment will have the effect of an earthquake. This must never happen. Never. 

Think about the models you follow on Instagram

If you need a little self-confidence to wear your outfit of the day with pride, think about the influencers you follow on this social network.

Most of the girls we follow on Instagram seduce us with their extraordinary outfits and the creativity they show. And not only do they wear unusual, flashy, colorful, ultra-stylish outfits... but they do it especially in public, every day. Do you think they just sit there and then leave? Think again ! To achieve the perfect photo, the one that will deserve your attention and your "like", take dozens and dozens of poses to obtain the perfect shot, and, once again, in public. Often even in front of highly touristy places. So if they dare to wear these outfits that make you dream, in the middle of a crowd that will not fail to judge them, why should you curb your fashion desires?

It may seem silly, but if your favorite influencer is capable of doing such a thing, you are just as capable. So don't be inspired only by their style but also by their audacity and their ability to distance themselves from the looks or comments of passers-by or their followers (yes that happens sometimes too). 

Realize that it’s not about you, it’s about themselves.

This may seem a little easy to say, but it is often the case. Most people who criticize your clothing choices are only reacting out of fear. They do not understand people who step out of line and do not know how to treat these singular individuals. Furthermore, they also do not understand the need to express their personality through their clothes and have often not been awakened to the art of fashion and style. 

Is it ultimately your problem or theirs? Just because a few people don't understand your clothing style and choices doesn't mean others won't. And then, does the opinion of newbies really matter? 

Negative attention is better than no attention at all

“Any press is good press. » Do you know the formula? There is nothing worse than indifference. If you are remarkable enough to attract comments from certain people, why complain about it? This is a good thing. Unless of course you prefer to blend into the landscape.

The next time you're faced with criticism, remember that in fashion, it's always better to be noticed for your personal style than to be blissfully ignored. 

Ignore and forget!

Now that you are armed and know how to deal with negative reviews, even if it seems complicated at first, make sure to ignore them and forget about them. Please don't keep these comments in mind. Delete them from your memory forever. The worst thing you can do is let someone's criticism stay in your mind in order to change or conform to what they expect from your outfit.

Do you like your style? Express it and wear it with pride through thick and thin. Stay true to yourself, to this personal style that you shape day after day. Keep the criticism specialists away from you and, if necessary, exaggerate the line next time. 

Finally, make sure you are surrounded by people who love you and support you in your clothing choices. They will love you for your personality and your qualities and will not put you down based on the clothes you decide to wear. In fact, the right people will not hesitate to applaud your offbeat choices and will make you proud of your personality, thus helping to remain you. 

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