10 bonnes idées pour avoir un look terrible au travail !

10 good ideas to look terrible at work!

10 good ideas to look terrible at work!

In most companies, a dress code must be followed: certain clothes are recommended, others are appreciated, and some are simply banned.

In fact, you rarely replace your work outfits because they aren't made up of incredibly trendy pieces and it's hard to notice when they're out of style. And then, one day, you begin to realize that it is time to react, to refresh your wardrobe and your clothing habits in order to find an elegant, trendy and stylish look. Excellent idea ! Taking a fresh look at your style and implementing actions to reinvent it can help you feel good (in your sneakers) and regain self-confidence in a professional environment. Here are 10 simple and effective ideas to remove the routine from your professional clothing style and easily answer the question: “What should I wear today?”

1 – Take inventory

Most professional stylists will tell you that we all tend to leave our favorite clothes, the ones we wear the most, on the front of our wardrobes. This means that when it comes time to get dressed in the morning, we can only see part of our wardrobe. Don't hesitate to move your clothes on your shelves or hangers. Put on the front line pieces that you love but don't wear. This will encourage you to put on something you don't usually choose and thus bring a little renewal to your professional outfits. Additionally, this will give you a better idea of ​​what is missing from your wardrobe.

2 – Remove worn items, out-of-date or ill-fitting clothes

Most people, especially those who work in "formal" businesses, don't have much incentive to change out of their professional attire. Even when they gain or lose 3 kilos, they don't buy new clothes for work. If you tend to hang on to an old blouse with shoulder pads, or wear colors you haven't seen in store windows for a few years, it might be time to consider donating these pieces to charity. Donate pilling sweaters and pants or skirts with undone hems if a seamstress can't fix the problem.

3 - Why not try something else?

If you wear a pencil skirt every day, try a box pleat skirt or a draped skirt. If you are used to wearing a suit jacket , opt for a bolero or a peplum jacket. The fact that an item of clothing is not in the “business” ready-to-wear section does not mean that you cannot wear it to work.

4 - Play with colors!

Following various studies carried out on well-being at work, most offices nowadays display colors intended to make professional spaces more friendly, less stressful... Since color is so important in the landscape of fashion and the professional world, take advantage of it to brighten up your outfits. For fall, look for tones of gemstones, tangerine, fuchsia, green... Even if your work environment favors neutral colors, you have other options than black, gray or brown.

5 – Accessorize!

When we get into the habit of wearing the same clothes every day, we forget that sometimes a well-chosen accessory can liven up an outfit. Don't hesitate to wear a necklace, a colorful belt, one or two bracelets... You will be surprised at the result. Keep in mind the quote from Coco Chanel : “With accessories, the most important thing is to always remove the last one you added. » In summary, be careful not to overdo it.

6 – Look for small, unexpected details

Sometimes a simple garment at first glance can turn out to be rich in details when you pay attention to it. An interior lining with a particular pattern, very original buttons... It's as if the accessories were designed and delivered with the garment! Don't hesitate to look for these kinds of little details that can add a lot of character to an item. As with accessories, however, be careful not to fall into ostentation.

7 – Treat yourself to a shopping day with friends

If a friend invites you to try something on during a shopping trip, join in. You may be surprised to find that an item of clothing that you would never have chosen yourself looks great on you! ... Yes, sometimes it's a success.

8 – Try new associations

I guarantee there are at least 10 different outfit combinations in your current wardrobe that you've never worn. Sometimes it only takes a little to give a new look to an item of clothing that has been worn several times. Have little strokes of daring fantasy. Pair a dark pink pencil skirt with a little mint green cashmere sweater. And if later your friends don't recognize the skirt and think it's brand new, you won't be surprised. Don't be afraid to think outside the box.

9 – Choose your outfit the night before

There are two good reasons to prepare your outfit the day before. Firstly, it ensures that you don't run out of time in the morning and don't wear the same thing over and over again out of desperation. The second reason is that it gives you more time to enjoy your coffee.

10 - Iron and dry cleaning

Being organized and up to date with cleaning and ironing your wardrobe ensures you get full use of it. Plus, when your clothes are all clean, folded and put away, you have a multitude of new combinations available to you.

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