Les astuces pour une tenue business impeccable

Tips for an impeccable business outfit

Tips for an impeccable business outfit

It's not easy to be a working girl with style. Having the right look at the office requires following a few rules. Indeed, the slightly too colorful shoes or the coat with its very imposing fur that you have just bought are magnificent, but their place in the office is not really justified. Should we then choose very sober, classic, neutral outfits? No. There is a balance to find. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you tips for an impeccable business outfit with what to do or not to do.

4 things not to do to have the right outfit at the office

Even if it tends to fade, the border between your personal life and your professional life exists. Many things change between the private sphere and the professional sphere: topics of conversation, vocabulary, behavior... and clothes! If it is in your best interest to bring your personality and who you are with you, leave certain elements behind.

  • Wear clothes with too strong contrasts: mini-skirts, mini-shorts, large necklines, maxi-sweaters. Anything very large (and very small) has no place, because the risk of a provocative effect is real (same for makeup, okay?);
  • Wear certain materials that are trendy and stylish… but are a little out of place in the office. Faux leather or fur are good examples;
  • Loving your feet so much that you show them off to everyone. No, pedicured feet are not to be shown off. Hide them with nice shoes. Maybe not 20cm heels though…
  • Show off your love of accessories and jewelry. Wearing earrings can help you enhance an outfit and accompany your femininity. But with an accumulation of bracelets, a piercing and your visible tattoos on top of that, it starts to add up to a lot. Be careful of accumulation.

4 things to do to have the right outfit at the office

Don't go extravagant, hide (a little) and don't accumulate. All right. But how do you dress with style and embrace your fashionista side without attracting the wrath of your superiors? Here are 4 tips from the survival guide for the fashion victim in business.

  • Wear the skirt suit by revisiting it. Are skirt suits a little too much, lady? Is the style too austere? So rethink it. Add a little fancy jacket to your suit or dare with a high-waisted skirt that exudes chic and sobriety. If the shirt repels you, prefer to wear a light sweater directly.
  • Accessorize your outfit. The perfect outfit for the office could be a pencil skirt combined with a t-shirt or even a black dress accompanied by a blazer. Each time, what counts is to bring a little bit of yourself with beautifully selected jewelry and accessories. Also think about belts, especially for dresses.
  • Wear colorful clothes. Really ? Being in the office doesn't mean monotony. Choose outfits that use shades of blue, beige, gray. Get away from classic black and white to stand out, without going overboard with bright colors. Balance we tell you, balance!
  • Mix styles and eras. What if the key was to combine wardrobe basics with ultra-trendy pieces. Try this “mash-up” starting from a proven base (suit, black dress, carrot pants ) and add a little fun.

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