Est-ce que votre allure au travail à vraiment de l’importance ?

Does it really matter how you look at work?

Does it really matter how you look at work?

Whether you like it or not, you are judged by your appearance, your dress, the way you carry yourself and behave. And as uncomfortable as it may seem, you are scrutinized daily. Your colleagues, your employees, your customers… they all judge you. Firstly, you are judged on your general appearance, your clothing style and the way you take care of yourself. But, does your appearance matter and matter in your professional life? 

Your appearance includes every visual element perceptible during the first seconds: your silhouette , your physical condition, your hair, your nails, your clothes and your shoes, your posture, your gaze... This is why in every situation where you are assured of n Having only one chance to make a good impression (during recruitment, in front of your new boss, a potential client, etc.), you must be sure to master all aspects of your appearance so as not to leave a bad image in the public eye. the mind of your interlocutor. 

Before you can say a word, the person in front of you will look at your clothes and immediately determine if your outfit is appropriate for the occasion. If you give the impression that you dressed in the dark, there is a good chance that your interlocutor will use this first judgment to form an overall idea of ​​you, your skills, etc. He will probably assume that you are not a very conscientious person and that you are not one of those who attach great importance to details. 

The clothes do not make the man...

Of course, it's not about looking like a top model in every way to succeed in your business and climb the ladder. A beard does not make a philosopher and appearance does not make skills. However, you must realize that you are perceived more or less positively depending on how you present yourself to others. Therefore, it is essential to think about your appearance in order to improve the way you are perceived by those around you, your customers or your management. This is what we call non-verbal communication.

Yes, your appearance is a form of nonverbal communication and, believe us, it speaks volumes. Take a moment to think and determine what your visual appearance says about you. How can you improve this appearance so that it is in line with your company values, your objectives, your customers…? Rest assured, it is not a question of completely denying your personal style but on the contrary of being in line with your professional status without losing your “true personality”. 

You can, for example, ask yourself these questions: What does your appearance say about you? Find the first five words that might come to mind when people meet you for the first time. Are these the words you want people to associate with your image and personality? 

If this essential exercise seems complicated to you, do not hesitate to consult the various articles on the subject that Mademoiselle Grenade regularly offers you. If necessary, know that there are also image consultants who will help you control your appearance and help you put together your professional wardrobe . 

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