Quels vêtements porter dans une entreprise formelle ?

What clothes to wear in a formal business?

What clothes to wear in a formal business?

Rather than viewing corporate dress codes as something imposed, it is important to understand the reasons why these corporate and conservative dress codes are part of the corporate landscape. Particularly in the fields of law, consulting and financial institutions. 

Every company has a brand and some spend millions to promote it to their customers and prospects. As an employee, you represent the brand or company you work for. It is therefore important that your attitude and your clothing style are in line with the values ​​and image of the company or brand that you represent.

The recipe for a business style? Choosing the right ingredients

Try to think of your company's clothing style as a recipe. What ingredients would you include so that the recipe conforms to the idea a customer might have of it? If this brand were a person, how would they dress? If you had to create a costume for a character intended to represent this brand in a film, how would he or she be dressed? What would be the elements of his attire? For example, if you had to represent an executive of a multinational company in the pharmaceutical industry. Would you give it a bohemian style? Would your character be dressed in ripped jeans, a fleece vest with worn sneakers? Would her outfit be made up of eclectic and colorful prints? Quite honestly, if you answer yes to all of these questions… Come on. We know this is not the case. Your character would, of course, be dressed in a classic manner in order to give the image of a serious, reliable, upright person... It's that simple.

The idea is not to lock yourself in a straightjacket or straitjacket. It's just about having a clothing style , a look, which represents the brand that you represent and the values ​​that your company wishes to convey. If you want to be taken seriously in a professional environment, your appearance must best match the representation that people have of your company . Your opinions and ideas, your attitude and your expertise are judged before you even open your mouth. This is how. It only takes a few seconds for people to form an opinion about you. Simply based on your appearance. Think about this when putting on the outfit that will represent you and your business. So how can you be true to yourself while still dressing appropriately?

What to wear when you have a casual style but work in a formal environment? 

It is important that you have complete confidence in your attire. It is equally important that your outfit is pleasant to wear, comfortable and easy to live with. Of course. However, not all clothing necessarily fits the corporate style. So how do you achieve the appearance of a serious person and have a formal attitude with comfortable and less classic clothes?

Play with colors and contrasts

If you avoid loud colors, reduce the contrast between the pieces of your outfit and opt for more neutral tones, you will automatically create a more professional appearance. When, on the contrary, you increase the contrast between two pieces of your outfit, you also obtain a more professional appearance. 

By wearing darker colors and incorporating more neutral shades into your outfits, you also achieve the appearance of a more important and serious person. In summary, it is important to play on contrasts, to minimize the importance of bright colors and to favor dark shades and neutral hues. However, you can play with shades effects for example.

The style of clothing encountered in business

When you think about corporate dress codes and styles, they all seem the same, classic and formal: Straight vertical lines Smooth, solid fabrics Fabrics with fine stripes Structured cut… All of these elements give an authoritative appearance and a style that is as classic as it is formal. 

How to make your professional outfit more comfortable?

If it is difficult to wear certain clothes as part of your professional activity, nothing is stopping you from opting for more comfort. The solution inevitably involves clothing with more fluid cuts and nicer fabrics. Look for fabrics with a little stretch. Some are stretchy enough to offer you real ease of movement and the comfort you expect. 

The style of accessories to wear to work

Accessories can also help you feel more comfortable in your professional attire. Of course, it's not about opting for overly bling-bling necklaces or hard-rock style bracelets. You probably have jewelry, belts, shoes that are adapted to your company's dress code. These accessories will allow you to add your personal touch, to feel in tune with yourself, without harming the image of your company. 

As for shoes, you can opt for ballet flats or elegant shoes without heels. The comfort provided by a flat sole is appreciable, especially at the end of the day. Remember that there is a reason for your company's dress code and adopting it will benefit you. Basically, if your business doesn't succeed, you won't have a job anymore. This is why you must invest fully, even in your work outfit .

You should support your business because it supports you in return. And if you can't get used to your company's clothing style, it might be time to ask yourself if you're in sync with them.

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