Comment les vêtements peuvent inspirer confiance ?

How can clothes inspire confidence?

How can clothes inspire confidence?

What are you wearing right now? How do you feel in this outfit? Do you feel comfortable? Confident? Do you have a feeling of control? Ready to take on any challenge? How come certain clothes make us feel confident? An impression such that we find ourselves more efficient by wearing them? 

How you present yourself can have a profound effect on how you behave. Attaching importance to your attire can make you think a certain way and have a positive effect on your performance. A recent study conducted in the United States shows that we act differently depending on what we wear - and even what we think we are wearing. 

For this study, participants wore everyday clothing, however, half of them wore a white coat over their outfit. People in lab coats made significantly fewer mistakes than those who didn't wear one. In another experiment, both groups were made to wear lab coats but half the group was informed that they were actually white artists' coats. Once again, people who wore a scientist's coat outperformed those who thought they were wearing a painter's coat.

The results of this study suggest a simple conclusion: When we dress “smart,” we think we are smart. Otherwise, we are more prone to making mistakes. This phenomenon is called “enclothed cognition” by researchers. This could be translated as “cognitive clothing”. More simply, “ you are what you wear ”. So, clothes have an influence on those who wear them. 

Researchers believe that clothing has symbolic meaning. 

Does wearing a police uniform give the officer a sense of power or a greater sense of duty? For example, it is interesting to think about the outfits of soldiers or athletes. Take, for example, national football or rugby teams. How does wearing a jersey representing your country instill a sense of pride and honor? Presumably, wearing a “uniform” also reinforces the feeling of teamwork, performance and cohesion.

How can you use this phenomenon to your advantage in your professional life?

Let's say you want to use this to your advantage. Try to understand the meaning of each item of clothing in your wardrobe. Do your favorite heels make you think of a confident woman, ready to take on any challenge? Do your favorite skirt or pantsuits give you confidence and a feeling of power and control? Ask yourself what you could wear today to feel better. What message do you want to send to your boss, your colleagues or your loved ones? Once you have answered these questions, choose the item of clothing in your wardrobe that best symbolizes the desired psychological state. Makeup and accessories are also important as is the tie for men. 

How do you want to be perceived in your professional life? 

Take the time to think about this question and determine how to achieve the goal you set for yourself. How will you manage your image? How do you want to be perceived? 

Friday wear, casual Friday… good idea?

In recent years, some companies have allowed their employees to dress more casually on Fridays. This trend from the United States has been adopted by several French companies and businesses with the desire to obtain a “young and trendy” image. However, over time, many companies reported that they experienced a drop in productivity or efficiency on these “casual” days. Although many employees say they feel much more comfortable working in casual attire , experience seems to show that they are less efficient. So, the next time you are chairing your board meeting, you have to introduce yourself to a new client or you simply want to look better in your clothes and, above all, more efficient, choose the right clothes.

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