Comment savoir quelle tenue porter pour un entretien professionnel ? Mademoiselle Grenade vous livre 3 façons de trouver une réponse à cette question.

How do you know what outfit to wear for a professional interview?

How do you know what outfit to wear for a professional interview?

To avoid depriving themselves of a competent employee base, more and more companies are allowing staff to come to work in casual attire. Of course, this does not mean coming to work in sportswear or with outfits that are too informal. While most women today are aware of how to dress so as not to appear too casual during a professional interview, it is also important to know how not to be overdressed for a professional interview. How do you know what outfit to wear for a professional interview? Mademoiselle Grenade gives you 3 ways to find an answer to this question.

To find the clothes to wear, here are three suggestions:

If you work with a recruiting person, ask.

Do you know the person who is responsible for recruiting employees for the company you want? Do you know anyone who works at this company? Simply ask him for his opinion. This is the most ideal solution. As you learn more about the company, ask a few questions about the type of clothing allowed within the company. You can get this information from a friend or contact who works for that company.

Look for some information on the company's website.

If the time for the interview is approaching but you don't know how to dress, take two minutes to consult the company's website or its Facebook page. Chances are you can find a few photos of your future coworkers. This way you will be able to see what types of clothes they are wearing. All you have to do is dress according to the style you have observed. Remember though, it's better to look slightly overdressed than overly casual.

Take a look at Linkedin to find employee profiles.

Do you know the name of the person in charge of recruitment? Check out her Linkedin profile and see how she dresses. You will be able to imagine what this person considers professional attire and can design your outfit accordingly. It is important to appear as a person who will perfectly represent the company. To conclude, remember that your outfit must be perfectly fitted to your body , impeccable, clean and properly ironed. Your outfit says a lot about you. Your interlocutor will form an opinion of you long before you can say a word. Now that you are perfectly dressed and ready to make a good impression, all you have to do is choose the right arguments to convince that you are THE person to recruit.

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