Comment porter la jupe crayon au bureau ?

How to wear a pencil skirt to the office?

How to wear a pencil skirt to the office?

If you're looking for a flattering and versatile skirt that's suitable for both casual and office outfits, it's hard not to suggest the pencil skirt. This skirt is a real basic for women's wardrobe that adapts to all styles and body types. Combined with the right blouse, the right top or the perfect blouse, it always delivers an extremely feminine and elegant look.

If you are hesitant to adopt it because you don't know how to wear it and with what clothes, know that the possibilities are endless. Today, Mademoiselle Grenade offers you some tips for wearing a pencil skirt to the office. If you are not yet familiar with the pencil skirt, we suggest you start with the basics...

Pencil skirt, high waist, beige: Ideal for the office!

The pencil skirt: perfect fit and good length

The two things you need to pay close attention to when you want to buy a pencil skirt are: fit and length. Your pencil skirt should fit perfectly across the waist and hips. If the waistband is too tight and you have difficulty sitting down, your skirt is not suitable. The pencil skirt is a good length when it stops at knee level. It can stop slightly above or below but should not be too long or too short. By combining the right length and the perfect fit, you will find that your skirt will be adapted to your figure and your gait. It will gracefully follow the curves of your figure and you will not feel constrained when walking. A pencil skirt must be perfectly fitted if you want to adopt this piece at work. Not only will you be comfortable to move around and feel stylish but you will also be completely confident. You don't have to worry about your clothes when you are in the office. They must be one with you. Most pencil skirts have a slit. This is intended to make the process easier and will allow you to sit down more easily. This comfort slot is located on the back, most of the time, or on the front. As its length varies depending on the model, be aware of it so that it is not unsuitable for your company's dress code.

High-waisted skirt, navy blue, with back slit.

What clothes to wear with a pencil skirt?

The pencil skirt is particularly versatile. Depending on its style and the one you want to adopt, you can combine it with a blouse, a more masculine shirt or a flowing blouse. When choosing a pencil skirt, you can opt for a straight skirt in a solid color or with subtle stripes that will allow you to pair it with a top that features a bright color, detail, special neckline or embellishment. This way, you will draw eyes to the top of your figure and draw them away from your hips or your waist if that is your wish.

Black pencil skirt, high waist, with tie belt on the hips

On the other hand, if you want to highlight the lower part of your anatomy, opt for a skirt with character, with unique details. For example, you can choose a pencil skirt with a full-length buttonhole, for a skirt with ruffles, geometric patterns, etc. In this case, you will opt for plain blouses or simple tops. This style is particularly suitable for women who have large breasts as well as those who are petite and slender.

Pencil skirt, high waist, floral print

A pencil skirt with a sheer blouse

A sheer shirt or sheer blouse paired with a pencil skirt is a perfect pairing. This outfit can take you from your office to a night out on the town without having to change. If you were worried about drawing too much attention to the transparency of your blouse or blouse, the trick is to wear a tank top of the same color underneath. Is it worth mentioning that you cannot wear a contrasting top under your sheer blouse? A navy blue top under a white shirt will not give you the elegance you are looking for. The desired look when wearing a sheer blouse or shirt to the office is subtle, modest, modern and stylish. A top in the same color as your transparent blouse will meet these expectations.

High-waisted navy blue pencil skirt and slightly transparent white top

An original pencil skirt with a simple top

When wearing a pencil skirt with a statement or bold detail, opt for a simple top. If the skirt is dark in color and has an embellishment like a lace insert or ruffle, pair it with a colorful sleeveless top for example. You can also choose a flowing, long-sleeved blouse or even offset the femininity of the shirt by pairing it with a masculine shirt. A pair of pumps, sandals or wedges in the same color as your skirt will finish your look in style.

Tuxedo pencil skirt, high waist, burgundy

And for the top? Inside or outside?

If you are wearing a high-waisted pencil skirt or a skirt with a wide waistband, tuck your blouse or blouse into your skirt. There are many positive points; by wearing your top tucked into your skirt, you will have a slimmer waist, your look will be more sophisticated and your legs will appear longer.

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