Le guide ultime pour un tailleur femme parfait

The ultimate guide to a perfect women's suit

The ultimate guide to a perfect women's suit

If you work in a company that is a little conservative or very strict on the dressing code, you owe it to yourself to have at least one suitable women's suit. The advantage? In addition to being suitable for days at the office, suits, jacket + pants or jacket + skirt, can also be adapted to casual chic looks for stylish weekends. Do not hesitate to continue reading this ultimate guide to adopting the perfect suit and you will be sure to adopt a style adapted to your needs while being stylish and trendy.

Be prepared to adapt to any situation requiring a costume

Traditionally, company days, professional conferences or job interviews require professional and formal attire . For example, a woman preparing for an interview in a serious field such as finance, accounting, law, etc. must present herself with a chic and feminine suit. some fancy suit sets are so original that they can even be worn outside of the professional setting. However, an ensemble consisting of a fitted jacket and a mini skirt cannot be considered for a job interview or in a very formal company. On the other hand, such an ensemble will be absolutely perfect for a chic evening or a trip to the nightclub . Likewise, if you managed to get an interview to apply for a new job , you absolutely must forget the red suit. You should not draw too much attention in this type of situation, except for your professional skills.

Opt for the set that flatters your personality and your figure

Women are lucky: unlike men, they have a wide choice of tailored sets. Indeed, the fairer sex can opt for wearing a jacket plus dress set, a jacket plus skirt suit set and finally for the option borrowed from the men's wardrobe of jacket plus pants. This is why, with such an important choice, it is imperative that you choose the type of ensemble that flatters both your figure and your personality. By opting to wear a jacket with a dress, you don't have to worry about which shirt or blouse to choose to go with your ensemble. The skirt plus suit jacket set will allow you to vary the possibilities throughout the week and create chic and varied looks by combining pieces from your wardrobe with your ensemble. Finally, choosing a pantsuit set will prevent you from stressing about your skirt flying away and you won't have to put on a pair of tights either.

A perfect fit

Whether you choose a women's suit in a fashion boutique or buy it from a tailor, make sure your outfit fits perfectly, especially when it comes to the leg length of your pants. If you want to wear it with flat shoes, you need to have a shorter leg length than if you opt for a pair of pumps or heels. When it comes to the skirt suit, you need to make sure that the slit doesn't reveal too much and that the skirt covers you properly. The jacket of a suit set also meets some aesthetic and practical obligations . You need to pay attention to the length of the sleeves (neither too short nor too long), choose whether you want your jacket to be lined internally or not and finally pay attention to the pockets. a flap pocket will, for example, hide the contents of your pockets, while securing them a little, while a slit pocket, as practical as it is, will often be a decorative finish.

Choose flattering colors and appropriate fabrics

Depending on where you want to go dressed in your feminine suit, depending on the occasion for which you plan to wear your suit ensemble, you will have to choose between bright shades, shimmering prints or more neutral and formal shades. Likewise, as the comfort of your outfit depends on the material it is made of, choose one that meets your needs. For example, polyester suits are popular because they don't shrink or wrinkle, while a cotton outfit will be light and comfortable but will wrinkle very quickly. Wool suits have a very long lifespan and tweed suits are so thick that they are perfect for wearing in winter. Lightweight, moisture-resistant, linen suits are ideal for the summer period, however they crease very easily. Other, less common, materials can be used to design a women's suit: satin or velvet. These sets are often elegant and original and are therefore less used in a professional setting.

With its pretty red hue, this suit jacket plays on color and captures our feelings.

There you are, you are now ready to choose wisely the outfit that you will wear in the coming days or the one that you must have in your wardrobe, to have a remarkable look adapted to the season and/or the occasion. All you have to do is show off your mastery of style and present yourself as a daring woman with your chic or casual but absolutely elegant look.

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