Que porter avec une jupe crayon ?

What to wear with a pencil skirt?

What to wear with a pencil skirt?

The pencil skirt has been a staple in many women's wardrobes for many years. Its clean lines and sophisticated silhouette make it a must-have for any woman who wants to stick to fashion in an assertive way, not only in the professional environment but also in everyday life. Here are 10 tips and ideas for wearing a pencil skirt with style.

The white blouse

If you like to be classic and want to show off a flawless look at your workplace, a white blouse worn with your pencil skirt will be a suitable choice. It's a foolproof way to look chic and elegant, suitable for your workplace , especially when you're pressed for time.

The oversized sweater (large)

More casual, but still appropriate for the professional environment this is an outfit you can wear every day, try pairing your pencil skirt with a slightly oversized sweater. Wide knit sweaters work better than fine knit sweaters for this look but because in fashion all rules are meant to be broken, you can do as you please and wear what flatters your figure best.

The crop top

Are you looking for a look more suited to a night out on the town? Pair your pencil skirt with a tight knit crop top and create a natural combination. It's a sexy and elegant outfit that you can wear for a casual outing or a night out with your friends. If you think it's a little too bold for daytime, you can always layer a blazer or fitted jacket over your top.

Give in to this casual set that will highlight your feminine curves! The close-fitting cut of these two pieces will give you a touch of elegance, while having the feeling of comfort

Give in to this casual set that will highlight your feminine curves!

A matching top

Wearing a tone-on-tone or same material outfit is a big current trend. Don't hesitate to wear the bralette matching the pencil skirt to create an interesting look. Most sets consist of a bralette and pencil skirt, but you can also look for other options.

Let yourself be tempted by this two-piece set, both modern and timeless, which will highlight your feminine curves.


Whether it is a plain or printed tee, it will be appropriate to wear with a pencil skirt. This is definitely the way to go if you're aiming for an everyday look, but with a more casual and polished style. This combination of basic women's wardrobe pieces is super easy to make and works for all women and all body shapes!

A chic blouse

Another solution is to wear your pencil skirt with a dressy blouse . This combination is perfect if you want to give your pencil skirt an overall softer and more feminine appearance and give you a chic aura. This will allow you to display a more elaborate style suitable for different occasions. An ideal solution, especially for those days when you really want to look particularly classy and chic.

The camisole

The “boudoir outfit” style is popular lately and if you want to follow this trend, but don't know where to start, Mademoiselle Grenade suggests pairing a well-fitted pencil skirt and a camisole. The silk camisole with thin straps always offers a very feminine and glamorous aura.

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