Quelle tenue porter pour une conférence professionnelle ?

What outfit to wear for a professional conference?

What outfit to wear for a professional conference?

Business conferences are occasions that allow you to adopt the fashion codes of the moment while respecting a professional dressing code. If you are invited to attend a conference where no dress code is really imposed, follow the advice that Mademoiselle Grenade gives you today in order to adopt a professional outfit adapted to the trend of the moment.

If you are looking for an outfit that is elegant, professional and fashionable, know that this goal can easily be achieved with a simple dress . Indeed, you must keep in mind that plunging necklines, bare or too high-cut backs, or really avant-garde silhouettes are not suitable for a business look and therefore for a professional conference. Reserve these outfits or silhouettes for your relaxing days or evenings with friends.

For a conference or conference, you can opt for a long-sleeved dress with a more discreet neckline and a neutral, sober color. If the weather is nice and the sun is out, you can opt for beige or light gray. Light colors and prints are very suitable and even more so when the dress has a simple design.

Generally speaking, remember that light shades highlight you while dark shades are more discreet and formal. To add a discreet note of fantasy and originality to your outfit, consider accompanying your dress with an elegant jacket . A jacket or blazer will perfectly complete your outfit. Thus, an olive-colored dress will be perfect with a beige fitted jacket and will give you an elegant and non-extravagant outfit.

To create a harmonious ensemble, you can accompany a blouse chosen in a bright shade with a skirt and a jacket in neutral tones. Remember, wearing an extravagant color combination may seem fashionable, but not at all professional and polished enough.

Match your usual white blouse with a few colors. Your fitted blouse will be perfectly appropriate with feminine-looking skirts and pants in beautiful trendy colors or elegant prints. If the event you are attending is not too formal, you can also opt for a skirt printed with abstract patterns with your white blouse. This is particularly recommended as long as you make abstractions or prints that are too visually heavy.

Do you like to be creative? Pair a draped hip top or wrap cut with printed pants. A combination of this style will give you an elegant and classy look . A professional tailor is certainly the safest choice. Indeed, the women's suit is part of what is traditionally recommended in a conservative environment. Whether it's a pantsuit or a skirtsuit, a coordinated outfit will often be the best option for a feminine but also serious and professional look .

To make your outfit look bold, you can opt for jackets or coats with bright colors and creative prints as long as these pieces relate to the elegance required for attending a professional conference. Black, cobalt blue, camel, gray and ecru are perfect shades, but you can always dare to wear pastel pink and even check coats to add a little extravagance to your style.

Whatever the occasion, you need to look elegant, fashionable and chic, that is the key to expressing your individuality through the clothes you wear.

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