Identifiez votre palette de couleurs et fiez-vous à celle-ci !

Identify your color palette and rely on it!

Identify your color palette and rely on it!

Most people have one or more favorite colors that determine their personal “palette”. Take a look at your dressing room, your bedroom, your makeup case, your nail polish... There is no doubt that you will very quickly be able to identify a dominant color for each of these things. There is definitely a neutral shade that dominates and a few pastel or bolder colors that stand out here and there. Your makeup may be composed of warm, golden shades... while your nail polishes display pastel colors with some iridescent reflections.

Sometimes we instinctively choose the colors we like and create a group of harmonious associations with them. Associations that we apply in all our choices: Interior decoration, color of the car, choice of our clothes... Believe it or not, but we do this without even realizing it. In fact, we mostly fall for colors when we go shopping. Sometimes we stop in front of a window or at an item in a fashion store and feel the urge to buy the entire outfit worn by the model behind the window.

And then, sometimes, only this superb pink skirt seduces us and we wonder if we should not only fall for this piece which could go perfectly with our favorite blouse. In this case, start by following your last thought. In addition to saving money, following this second intuition will allow you to rely on the color palette you already have. This new acquisition (whose shade corresponds to those that shape your personal palette) will certainly complement all the other clothes in your wardrobe.

The final advantage is that you will save space on your shelf and thus maintain a trendy and functional wardrobe . Rely on the colors you naturally love and the clothes in your wardrobe will come together beautifully, as if a stylist had taken care of your clothing style .

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