Les meilleures couleurs pour un look monochrome au top !

The best colors for a top monochrome look!

The best colors for a top monochrome look!

The monochrome style, in addition to being timeless and elegant, is the perfect style to appear slimmer, slimmer and taller but also to hide our small flaws or complexes. Although it has recently become quite trendy, the monochrome look does not consist of dressing your silhouette in white or black from head to toe. Other colors and shades that are flattering to your skin tone and look can lend themselves to the monochrome look. Mademoiselle Grenade invites you today to take stock of the most suitable colors to create a monochromatic outfit.

A black monochrome look

Versatile, sophisticated, elegant… Black is undoubtedly the favorite color of women who have adopted the monochrome look. It must be said that black lends itself wonderfully well, particularly for its ability to refine silhouettes. Appreciated by curvy or petite women, it is no less adored by fashionistas who also appreciate this chic shade on leather accessories for example. Ideal for creating a monochrome look, we however suggest that you mix the materials so that your outfit is not too bland. The light will play with materials and surfaces (leather, silk, etc.) and will thus offer you a chic black monochrome look and a classy and sensual aura.

Black lace dress

A white monochrome look

Many women find it difficult to wear white. This light shade can be a little too revealing of our small flaws but, put together as necessary, a monochrome outfit made up of white pieces can also hide these same flaws and create a most flattering silhouette. As with the black monochrome look, have fun with the materials and cuts. A pretty fitted white jacket over a dress of the same shade will look great and the fitted cuts of these clothes will give the illusion of a slimmer waist.

A monochrome charcoal gray look

Like black, anthracite gray is a color which visually slims the silhouette. It's a chic and neutral shade, very easy to wear. However, we recommend that you take extra care if you have a pale complexion. Indeed, anthracite gray can quickly make you look bad. Either way, as there are different shades of gray, you can be sure to find the shade that's right for you. To avoid having a too monotonous look, it is even advisable to play with different shades. You can also add a subtle note of color by wearing a red, pink or yellow bag for example. You can also liven up your look by wearing this kind of bolder color on your shoes if you think the charcoal color is too risky for your feet.

Tube skirt and crop top set, gray

A nude or brown monochrome look

Depending on your skin tone, a nude shade or a beige/brown shade can flatter your complexion and make you look good. These shades are generally perfect on blondes. To make the right choice, opt for a color that contrasts with the natural tone of your skin, especially if the piece you are wearing is very close to the body. You might think you're not wearing anything if the shade is too close to your skin tone. If you can't find clothes in these shades that are sufficiently contrasting, then opt for a loose and flowing piece, voluminous and puffy. It will look much prettier on you.

A bright red monochrome look

A red outfit, from head to toe, can quickly become indigestible and difficult to look at and to wear. This is why you only wear this color on a few occasions and why you ban the total red look during important events such as weddings, business meetings or evenings on the town. To make your outfit more pleasing to the eye, opt for accessories like a very elegant black leather handbag. Also try to break up the monochrome look with shiny elements (belt, jewelry, etc.).

Red jumpsuit with blousant top

A burgundy monochrome look

Much chicer and easier to tame than a bright red, burgundy can be used to create a chic and elegant monochrome outfit. Don't hesitate to bring a touch of sophistication to your outfit by accessorizing it with a gold belt and pretty strappy sandals and high heels. This will add a real touch of elegance without harming the unity of your outfit.

With its contrasting satin on the tailored collar and on the piping placed on the false pockets, this burgundy set promises a very smart look to the wearer.

A monochrome blue jean look

Denim blue is the coolest and easiest color to wear. This shade of blue can be your best ally for your casual and casual outfits whether you wear it on your jeans, jackets, shirts or skirts. Nothing could be simpler than wearing your jeans or denim skirt with a jacket in the same material. A pretty pair of blue heels, strapped to your ankles, will perfectly complete your outfit. Simple, right?

Belted dress, V-neck, sleeveless, denim

A navy blue monochrome look

Although navy blue is a color close to black, it is not as severe as the latter. Navy blue is a great choice for your professional outfits and office looks . Indeed, it gives authority while being very chic. An idea for a monochrome outfit in navy blue? Opt for a pretty navy blue dress with a cardigan or jacket of the same shade over your shoulders and choose a cute handbag and heels in a different shade of blue? This will give you an elegant and avant-garde work outfit.

Wrap-around jumpsuit, 3/4 sleeves, navy blue This fitted jumpsuit has everything to seduce us.

A pink monochrome look

Pink has the reputation of being a very feminine shade used to create romantic atmospheres, especially in its pastel tones. Dark pink or fuchsia pink are shades of pink that, for some, can seem complicated to wear, especially for a monochrome outfit. Indeed, these colors are often associated with clothing intended for children or with outfits that are too “girly”. Shades of powder pink and pastel lend themselves easily to the monochrome look. Darker shades should leave certain parts of your anatomy bare so as not to create an overly daring look. For example, you can wear a fuchsia crop top with a pencil skirt of the same color. Don’t hesitate to play with some gold accessories as well, like for the bright red monochrome look.

A green monochrome look

Green is a refreshing color but not always trendy. In addition, this color can be difficult to wear in a total monochrome look to go to work because this color suits an atmosphere that is out of step with professional life. To avoid making a mistake, opt for dark shades of green like olive green, fir green or khaki. These shades have the advantage of being chic and elegant and will give you a classy look suitable for all situations.

Playsuit and small jacket, long sleeves, olive

The monochrome look is timeless and easily creates elegant and sophisticated outfits. So, choose the color that suits you best and assert your style on the street or at work with your own monochrome look.


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