Quand le noir inspire de jolies citations aux stylistes de mode.

When black inspires pretty quotes for fashion stylists.

When black inspires pretty quotes for fashion stylists.

Black in clothing is the symbol of refinement, wealth and elegance. It is also that of luxury and sartorial sophistication. Black is an essential color in the world of fashion and haute couture. Black inspires extraordinary creations but also pretty thoughts and quotes. Miss Grenade is giving you some of them today.

Black is also authoritative and powerful. Black is a classic color in women's fashion as in men's ready-to-wear, probably because black makes us appear slimmer, more sophisticated. According to the study reported by Mademoiselle Grenade, black also makes us appear more intelligent and more attractive. Anna Wintour hates black. Abercrombie & Fitch simply prohibits its employees from wearing this color within its brands.

Despite everything, this color is for many essential to style and a wardrobe worthy of the name. Black is everywhere and for some it has even become a real uniform like for Coco Chanel , the beatniks or even Johnny Cash who said “If I dress in black, it’s for the poor and those left behind” .

For many designers, black is a pillar, an essential anchor point of their collections: Gareth Pugh, Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo draw their inspiration from this black, dark and elegant ink. After our article on the total black monochrome look and our article on the recent study carried out on our perception of colors, we take stock of what black may have inspired in terms of thoughts and quotes.

“Elegance is always black. »
Françoise Giroud
“A happy woman is a woman in a black skirt, with a black sweater, black stockings, costume jewelry and a man who loves her by her side. »

Quote Yves Saint Laurent

“Black is my refuge, black is a line on the white page. »
Yves Saint Laurent
“Women who wear black lead more colorful lives. »
Neiman Marcus
“When I find a color darker than black, I will wear it. In the meantime, I'm wearing black. »
Coco Chanel

Quote from Gareth Pugh

“I think in black. »
“In the dark all the colors match. »
Gaston Bachelard
“It took me 40 years to discover that the queen of all colors is black. " Pierre-Auguste Renoir
" There is no such thing as a black, there are only blacks. »
Yves Saint Laurent
“Black is a color in itself, which sums up and consumes all the others. »
Henri Matisse
“The paradox is that black hides and sublimates at the same time. »
Catherine Ormen.
“Black is the uniform of democracy. »
Charles Baudelaire

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