Guide morphologie : Le huit.

Morphology guide: The eight.

Morphology guide: The eight.

The eight or 8 morphology:

Much like the hourglass body shape , the figure eight is a fairly common silhouette. Here, again, the shoulders are as wide as the hips but a little more rounded. The waist, as with the X silhouette, is also very marked. The difference lies above all in the small curves which accompany these ideal proportions. The figure eight's thighs are fuller than the hourglass figure.

Your assets: A very balanced silhouette and busty, very feminine shapes.

Mademoiselle Grenade’s advice: 

As with the hourglass body shape, you can get away with anything. However, if you want to draw attention away from the bottom to appear slimmer, you need to focus on the top of your figure. For this, you can choose Empire waist tops, deep necklines and wrap-over shapes for the tops. These will highlight your waist just like fitted dresses which will also look great on you. Do not hesitate to wear, if possible, dresses with small details at the top (on the shoulders or neckline), to draw attention upwards. You can also mark your waist with a well-placed belt.

For jackets and coats, opt preferably for fitted cuts and if possible with shoulder pads to correct the rounded shoulders.

Depending on the size of your hips, you will opt for high-waisted , straight or trapeze skirts.

Mademoiselle Grenade advises you against: 


As with the so-called hourglass shape, wearing a straight, closed jacket would hide the slenderness of your waist. We also do not recommend skirts with too many pleats as they will tend to widen your silhouette too much.

On the celebrity side: Among the ambassadors of the figure eight body shape, we can cite Monica Bellucci or Marylin Monroe .


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