Guide morphologie : Le rond

Morphology guide: The round

Morphology guide: The round

Round or O morphology:  


The round body shape is characterized by shoulders, hips, thighs and a waist of almost identical width. The shoulder line is rounded, the arms are thick and the waist is very shallow.


Your assets :

A soft, sensual and feminine silhouette as well as a generous chest.


Mademoiselle Grenade’s advice:

The objective this time is to correct the drooping shoulder line and draw the eye to the upper body.


You will therefore opt for a jacket with shoulder pads (prefer straight cuts that fall below the hip). Subtly show off your neckline with square or V-necks. Dresses can be more flattering than pants . In this case, opt for an Empire waist dress which will give an impression of fluidity to your silhouette or a wrap dress or a bias cut like the wrap dress.


For your skirts, choose straight cuts that follow the line of the body without tightening it too much. Opt, if possible, for those that are belted and slit at the back. They refine the silhouette, hug the hips and thighs without molding them.


For pants, choose high-waisted cuts that hide the stomach. The straight and flowing cuts will also highlight you.


As for accessories:

Do not hesitate to wear a thin belt that you will not adjust completely so that it forms two diagonals converging downwards which will refine your waist.


For jewelry, prefer simple necklaces and mid-length necklaces.


Shoes should have rounded toes so as not to highlight the roundness of the calves and preferably heels, to slim the leg. 10cm heels would be just as uncomfortable as they are useless. Heels of 4 to 6 cm will be enough to slim your silhouette.


Mademoiselle Grenade advises you against:

Clothes that are too small and which make you look tight, as well as those that are too large and which accentuate the roundness of your figure. It is a false idea to think that clothes that are very wide or, on the contrary, very close to the body, hide curves. Avoid too deep necklines , rounded necklines and bare shoulders which will reveal the drooping line of your shoulders. Ban miniskirts, bell bottom pants that widen the hips or low-rise pants that create bulges in the stomach.


On the celebrity side:

Round shape does not mean overweight! Thus, actress Liv Tyler is one of the celebrities who have a curvy body shape. Indeed, her stomach and buttocks are plump and her shoulders are rounded. The singer Beth Ditto or the multi-faceted artist Marianne James are also part of this morphology.



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