Guide morphologie : La pyramide inversée

Morphology guide: The inverted pyramid

Morphology guide: The inverted pyramid

Inverted pyramid or V morphology:

This silhouette is defined by a generous chest, square shoulders wider than the waist, small hips and buttocks overlooking long legs. This fairly masculine morphology, sometimes called an inverted triangle, is typical of professional swimmers.

Your assets: Your legs and a generous chest.

Mademoiselle Grenade’s advice:

The objective here is to rebalance your silhouette, by minimizing the width of the bust through trompe-l'oeil effects and to draw the eye downward, rather than on your waist and shoulders.

To do this, choose outfits that do not mark your waist such as flowing tops , tunics and Empire cuts . Reveal your neckline by choosing, for example, V-necks (not too deep) in order to break the straight line of the shoulders. Round necks are also perfect for softening your build. Raglan sleeves will have the same effect and will visually reduce your shoulders.

If you prefer to wear dresses , choose cuts that structure the shoulders: V-neck or asymmetrical. The strapless dress will suit you perfectly

Wear straight skirts or pencil skirts , and for pants, choose a low waist.

As for accessories:

If you want to highlight your waist with a belt, opt for a tone-on-tone color. A darker belt on a lighter fabric can also optically slim your waist. Adopt large or multiple bracelets and large earrings...

Mademoiselle Grenade advises you against:

“Beautiful” necklines, or too vertical ones which will emphasize the straight line of your shoulders. Forget fitted jackets, shoulder pads, pants that are too close to the body like "cigarette" cuts or leggings, jeggings, treggings... which will not flatter your figure.

On the celebrity side: Stéphanie de Monaco, Pink , Jessica Alba , Laure Manaudou, Anna Kournikova ...

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