Guide morphologie : Le rectangle

Morphology guide: The rectangle

Morphology guide: The rectangle

Rectangle or H morphology:


This silhouette is quite straight. It is characterized by broad, square shoulders, a waist and hips that are very poorly defined and the same width as the shoulders. Generally, the breast is quite small.


Mademoiselle Grenade’s advice: 


The objective is to bring out the shoulders, chest and hips and to refine the waist with subtle optical effects.


For the top, choose V-necks or a fitted top like a wrap which will create an illusion of curves. If you want to wear a vest, opt for a V-neck and large buttons. This will have the effect of drawing the eye to the inside of your silhouette. Also favor gathers, draped and Empire cuts.


For the bottom, skirts should be fitted on the hips. “Trapeze” skirts will refine your waist. Be careful, however, not to choose them that are too flared. For pants , opt for “carrot” or pleated cuts.


Dresses with a straight cut or Empire waist will also be ideal for hiding the absence of a waist.


As for accessories:


Belts at hip level look very good on this body type. The little extra: make sure that it is not too tight so that it draws two converging lines towards the bottom which will refine your waist.

Finally, wear jewelry that draws the eye towards the inside of your figure. For example, if you want to wear a brooch, place it as close to your neckline as possible and not outwards.


Mademoiselle Grenade advises you against: 


You should avoid overly fitted working-girl type jackets as well as fitted blouses which will emphasize the absence of a waist. We avoid adding volume to the shoulders with tops with shoulder pads, turtlenecks, “balloon” or puffed sleeve tops, etc.

Finally, we avoid horizontally striped tops and straight skirts which will have the effect of accentuating the rectangular shape of your silhouette.


As for accessories: Wide or contrasting belts at the waist should also be avoided because they will have the effect of drawing attention to the absence of a waist.

As for celebrities: Paris Hilton , Cameron Diaz and Dannii Minogue are among the personalities who have a rectangular body shape.   

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