Équilibrez basiques de qualité et vêtements à prix raisonnable

Balance quality basics and reasonably priced clothing

Balance quality basics and reasonably priced clothing

Are you wondering what we mean by basic clothing? This is something you can wear today and one that you can wear with just as much style, elegance and pride ten years from now. These clothes are essential in a wardrobe worthy of the name.

There are many basic clothes that have proven themselves by establishing themselves through their timelessness, style and quality. However, a wardrobe should not only consist of these classic pieces, no matter how incredible they may be. Mademoiselle Grenade invites you today to build your wardrobe with basic and classic clothes and trendy clothes at reasonable prices.

Ideally, your wardrobe should be balanced and made up of classic clothes and trendy pieces, which can go together easily. Trendy clothes are intended to spice up your wardrobe a little and liven up your traditional outfits.

It's a constant fact in fashion that what's trendy this season won't be trendy next season. And if what has been trendy will come back into fashion one day or another. Sometimes trends don't give us time to adopt them. They are born one day like a rock group that is a hit on stage before disappearing to make way for another. In the end, trends often fade after one season. This is why it is best not to invest too much in it.

Look for these clothes in promotional items, on the heads of gondolas, in “discount” stores. If the fashion is for retro or vintage clothing, in specialized stores such as kilo-shops, second-hand clothing stores, etc.

Just be sure to find the best value for money possible. However, you should not skimp on the quality and price of the basic pieces of your women's wardrobe . They are the foundation of your personal style and act as the cornerstone of a stylish wardrobe. A wardrobe that will provide you with chic and elegant outfits, full of style , season after season, from one year to the next.

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