Qu’est-ce que le style ?

What is style?

What is style?

Style is a journey you will take throughout your life. What seems stylish to us at 20 is different from what we liked at 10. Our personality develops and changes… Just like us, our style grows and evolves. Style is a journey, not a destination.

There are a lot of stylish women. Some are even real icons like Audrey Hepburn , Jackie Onassis , Iris Apfel and Jane Birkin. All of these women have their own interpretation of style. It is this personal and singular interpretation that makes them women full of style. The style is you. It's your personality, your body, your colors, your lifestyle...nothing is really dictated. A stylist could not give you a prescription. Of course, he could guide you, offer you some basic rules or help you discover your style, but he would only do so based on what he perceives from the outside and not from the inside.

This is also why “makeovers” often don’t really work: they are one person’s vision of another person. Personal style can only come from within to work. It is impossible to make a list of clothes to wear to be stylish, although it is important to take several things into consideration:

  • Your body shape, your proportions…

  • Your hair, eye, and skin color

  • your personality

  • Your lifestyle

  • The cut, design, fabrics of your clothes

Fashion, clothing, accessories, shoes, makeup, hairstyle are all tools at your service to help you shape your personal style. You must choose them to express who you really are. Who you are inside. Developing your style takes time. It's a bit like a river in perpetual motion. A river that changes direction, sometimes moving gently and then moving faster at other times. Your style should not be static. If your style doesn't evolve from time to time, you will send the image of a woman stuck in one era. Your style will appear outdated. With a few exceptions, a style cannot work forever without evolving a little. It may have been amazing ten years ago and not work today. An 18 year old doesn't want to wear the type of clothes she wore when she was 8, right? It is therefore good to review your clothing style from time to time. A small evolution from one year to the next in order to add to your style what works and leave aside what is out of fashion.

Discovering style

There's something fun about watching a woman discover her style. It's fun to watch them discover for themselves what works and what doesn't. The most enjoyable moment is certainly seeing them gain self-confidence as they discover that they are transforming and as they find (or discover for some) who they really are. The years unfortunately have the power to stifle their personality and their clothing style. Practicality and comfort…take over and they gradually find themselves in a style that no longer suits them.

Style is a journey, not a destination

Your clothing style of course involves discovering your body shape or understanding the use of colors, materials, etc. to minimize certain parts of your anatomy or highlight your natural assets. However, your style should truly reflect you. You need to do some real introspection to understand who you are, what you like or don't like, what your lifestyle is...

The basic rules may help you look slimmer , taller , or a few years younger, but they will never transform a middle-aged woman with voluptuous thighs into a stunning twenty-year-old. And quite honestly, that's not the style. Style isn't about being young and tall.

Do you accept ! Accept who you are today, the body you have today, the age you are… The clothes that are currently in vogue will do the rest and help you have confidence in yourself. Any woman can be radiant and remarkable.

Love yourself today. Accept your wrinkles, embrace them! You have earned them. Love your body as it is today, take care of it and dress it with pleasure. By doing this now, you will begin your journey!

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