Apprenez à façonner votre dressing

Learn how to shape your wardrobe

Learn how to shape your wardrobe

It's always easier to be inspired when you look at five incredible fashion pieces in your wardrobe than when you see 25 of which only 5 are actually worth wearing. This is why you must select the pieces that make up your wardrobe carefully and carefully. You absolutely must have an editor role in order to have a selection of fantastic clothing. Choose the most fabulous wardrobe items and get rid of the rest. Today, Mademoiselle Grenade invites you to become the editor of your wardrobe and to shape your dressing room to develop your personal style.

Don't worry about whether it's the latest fashion trend. Don't worry about whether this dress or skirt is an absolute must-have. Don't worry about getting rid of that jacket you bought in 2003 and in which you invested half your monthly salary. Don't keep that beautiful cardigan because you wore it every day when you were a student and you are sentimentally attached to it. If certain clothes no longer fit you, if they are not in good condition, if they do not match your clothing style, they have no reason to be in your wardrobe.

Your closet may be overflowing and you think you have tons of outfit choices. But how many of these clothes are you actually wearing now? How many of these clothes make you feel completely comfortable? How many times have you found yourself in front of your wardrobe thinking “ I have nothing to wear ”? If putting together an outfit is a difficult exercise every morning, give yourself a little help.

Make a revolution in your wardrobe and change your purchasing habits and you will quickly see that elegance and style are, obviously, within your reach.

Get rid of what doesn't suit you and doesn't enhance you

It's true, it's easy to say and more complicated to do. To help you, give yourself a leitmotif: For ten or twenty pieces set aside, buy one that is truly exceptional.

Buy the right size

If you are a size 40, don't buy a size 36 thinking that very soon you will be able to wear it because you expect to lose a few kilos. It's best to buy the right size and enjoy the confidence and comfort of the garment you want today.

Don't let price influence your choice

Paying 100 euros for a skirt that normally costs 200 euros may seem attractive, but if you are not used to wearing skirts , you have no interest in spending your money on this item of clothing. Even if it is very pretty, it is still an unnecessary expense. Instead, reserve your money for something you really like and will wear.

Don't play it safe

A wardrobe made up only of safe values ​​is not much fun. And your style should be fun. You need to be confident that you can enjoy getting dressed in the morning and be inspired by the clothes in your wardrobe. If you have a dozen black skirts in your wardrobe, it's a safe bet that you won't take pleasure in dressing yourself and that you will regularly feel like you have nothing to wear. Do yourself a favor and buy one or two original skirts with lace, sequins, bold colors…

Don't necessarily buy because it's "trendy"

If the current trend calls for wearing red but this shade doesn't flatter you to wear it? Only invest in clothes that flatter you and help you feel completely comfortable.

Be ruthless with your wardrobe

Don't be sentimental about your clothes. If you can't get rid of your old denim jacket that you haven't worn for years, store it somewhere. You can bring it out again in a few seasons, for a fancy dress party for example. Don't keep clothes because you invested a lot to have them or because you think you'll be able to fit into them again someday. Also, don't keep a dress because, even if it doesn't fit you, it's very beautiful. Let those clothes go. Give them to a friend or to an association. Take our word for it, if you haven't worn them in years, you'll never wear them again. Your wardrobe should only consist of clothes that you wear and feel absolutely remarkable in. Ditch the slim jeans you loved a few years ago but no longer wear, or that ultra-trendy dress you never wear. You will not regret it.

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