Votre dressing devrait être articulé autour de pièces basiques agissant comme la colonne vertébrale de votre style personnel. Mademoiselle Grenade vous explique pourquoi investir dans ces pièces intemporelles

Invest in timeless basics

Invest in timeless basics

Your wardrobe should be built around basic pieces that act as the backbone of your personal style. These essentials are both versatile, extremely chic and never lacking in style. They function as a blank canvas from which you can let your style inspiration flow. Reliable, they can appear to some women as almost transparent, invisible. However, a woman who has mastered style knows perfectly well that not all clothes have the absolute necessity to be remarkable. Some are just appreciated for their reliability. Mademoiselle Grenade invites you to discover some of these essential pieces recognized for their versatility and credibility.

The items we offer you today transcend time, trends and places. They work day and night, can be worn today as they will still be in 5 or 10 years, and are remarkable in New York, Paris, Tokyo, London or Sydney.

The little black dress

Since its official induction into the world of fashion, the little black dress has continued to seduce creators and stylists who have been able to reinvent this piece, year after year, season after season, in order to charm us as well. The little black dress is a blank canvas on which we can project our emotions, our desires, our style. Sometimes chic, sometimes mysterious, discreet or provocative, the black dress offers us an effortlessly elegant look, a sophisticated and remarkable style. The little black dress allows us to shine. The black dress flatters our appearance as well as our silhouette. The black dress never fails us and never detracts from our style. It puts the emphasis on our accessories and our personality forward. Finally, the little black dress makes us look slimmer, let's not forget that.

The gentleman’s white shirt…

The gentleman's shirt is an absolute must-have to enhance our femininity. Even with simple jeans, the white shirt helps us to be sensual, glamorous chic . And yet, despite these advantages and its very practical side, it is absolutely unpretentious. Have you noticed how Hollywood cinema has made this men's clothing a real booster of femininity and glamour? Whether worn with black pants by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, with a long skirt by Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, a waist skirt by Sharon Stone on the red carpet of the Oscars or simply to cover the naked body by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, the white shirt has conquered its status as an essential and timeless piece by offering us versatility and absolute glamour.

The cashmere cardigan or turtleneck sweater

Whatever the weather conditions, whatever the occasion, the cashmere cardigan is ideal for feeling luxuriously dressed. If you have never worn one, we invite you to find one quickly to benefit your clothing style . To try it is to adopt it. The cashmere cardigan goes perfectly with any other garment. It is perfect with a dress, a simple T-shirt or with a buttoned shirt but can be worn perfectly without anything underneath as demonstrated by Marilyn Monroe. The turtleneck is also a women's wardrobe essential that works with almost everything: Pants, jeans, skirts...

The trench coat

This timeless coat is impressively versatile . It adapts to any type of weather and occasion and pairs with almost everything. This film noir essential is perfect if you want to add a little mystery to your outfit. Pair it with pretty sunglasses and let your detective, spy or fugitive side speak...


The Denis (or rather Nîmes) canvas is perfect for instantly enhancing our clothing style. Jeans are easy to wear, practical, sexy and therefore... Simply essential! Jeans are so versatile that they can dress up any silhouette and give it an elegant and glamorous aura very easily. Wear this canvas as a stocking, as a jacket, as a shirt or even as a dress. Jeans easily adapt to all types of styles, from the most elegant to the most casual.

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