Sauvegardez vos looks mode préférés dans votre carnet de style

Save your favorite fashion looks in your style book

Save your favorite fashion looks in your style book

Actresses do it. Professional stylists do it. Even your favorite fashion designers do it. They call it an inspiration book or notebook. This can also be called a style book. Having a style book is the best way to save time and unnecessary stress. It's simple, it avoids accumulating unnecessary pages (you don't have to keep the uninteresting pages of your magazines) and you are guaranteed to always be up to date.

Mademoiselle Grenade gives you today this easy-to-implement and very practical tip to always be inspired and dress with style .

Write down, cut out, archive... your favorite looks!

The idea is simple: the next time you're flipping through a magazine and come across some incredible looks, take a closer look at what young women are wearing and break down their outfits, piece by piece. By doing this, you can very easily get fashion ideas from any image in your favorite magazine. All you have to do is take the time to look at each item of clothing, without being distracted by the model wearing your creations, by her size, her hair, or the setting in which she is located. After all, these details are just fantasy.

You need to focus on the style of the clothes and only that. This way, you can get plenty of leads to to-die-for looks and outfits.

Once you start keeping your style book up to date, you will no longer be able to do without it and you will quickly notice that it saves you time and gives you a real advantage in shaping your personal clothing style .

Keep everything you love even if, in a photo, you are only attracted by a belt buckle, a pair of shoes, a bracelet... Keep your favorite pages under laminated sheets or in a binder and organize your style notebook by seasons, by outfit styles ( office outfits , evening outfits, etc.) in the order that seems most logical to you.

There is only one rule: don't forget to consult this notebook when you run out of ideas or don't have time to design a nice and, above all, remarkable outfit. Almost every woman knows this. But now, thanks to your personal book, you will no longer be faced with this kind of situation. Up to you !

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