Demandez à vos amis ce qu'ils pensent de votre style

Ask your friends what they think of your style

Ask your friends what they think of your style

Like everyone else, you probably look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself that your outfit doesn't suit you or that you're not sure if it's elegant or trendy... It's difficult to have an opinion. truly objective about his own clothing style. Some women constantly doubt their outfits and others, on the contrary, have complete confidence in their appearance. It's never easy to have an objective opinion about yourself when you're in front of the mirror.

There is always a difference between how you look at yourself, how you judge your personal clothing style, and how others perceive us.

Help the one you see in the mirror

A good way to continue this year which we place under the sign of style is to ask our loved ones for help. So choose a group of friends among those whom you particularly respect for their keen sense of fashion, their way of dressing... Invite them to a fashion-themed evening or an after-party. Nice lunch where you can chat about this subject. Ask them what they think of your clothing style .

Your loved ones will be happy to help you and advise you on the pieces made for you and on those that harm your style or your image. Expect some reviews to be surprising or unsettling. Some may even be annoying but they will necessarily be constructive. Keep in mind that this is a good way to learn about yourself, about the image you present to people and therefore, ultimately, to deepen your style or rethink it.

You absolutely must do this with the greatest open-mindedness and accept the advice, suggestions and comments of your friends. Once you have taken note of their opinions, you can consider changes to make to improve your clothing style .

Choosing which clothes to keep and which to ban from your wardrobe will be easier and you will have less difficulty getting dressed with confidence in the morning.

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