Ce que vos vêtements disent de vous.

What your clothes say about you.

What your clothes say about you.

Whether you realize it or not, your behavior and clothing style convey an image of yourself to others. To do this, you choose certain clothes and accessories that will guide others towards the image you want them to have of you. But the outfits you choose don't just reflect what you want. They also reflect your mood and your feelings...

What your style says about you

Chances are that what you wear today is a reflection of your morning mood, the state of mind you were in when you opened your closet. Besides practical considerations, women often choose their clothes based on their feelings.

This month, the British magazine Allure revealed a survey on women's outfits based on their mood.

According to this survey, women in a good mood favor well-cut clothes made from brightly colored fabrics.

Conversely, those who tend to be in a bad mood tend to wear old tops and shapeless jeans.

Of course, jeans are also part of the clothing belonging to women in a good mood, but they seem less appreciated than dresses , jewelry or shoes.

Even when we have to wear a uniform, we manage to infuse it with an expression of ourselves.

For example, if a woman is told what to wear by her employer , she will choose a jacket or an old worn sweater to keep warm on the way to work. The old worn sweater will perhaps be the expression of her morning mood and she will probably choose the jacket for better days.

The choice of clothes does not only reflect our mood. It can also be indicative of our feelings and our self-confidence. If your self-esteem is low, you don't feel good about your body, or you don't like the way you look, you'll be more likely to wear clothes meant to "hide" you.

Conversely, feeling good and having self-confidence often leads to wearing more flattering and remarkable outfits.

Colors to boost your mood

While your mood, feelings, and self-perception affect your choices when choosing an outfit, the opposite is also true.

According to the Allure magazine survey, 71% of women are convinced that simply changing their clothes can change their state of mind.

In other words, don't hide behind your clothes if you feel bad or in a bad mood and instead favor the pieces that you usually prefer.

Wearing your favorite outfit should boost your mood for the day.

By making this effort, you will take care of yourself and thus contribute to your self-esteem.

So be careful of dull dresses , unflattering skirts ... which can quickly darken a radiant mood.

Fashion and clothing as behavioral therapy?

Why not ? When you're feeling down, try to curb the urge to wear clothes that reflect that feeling. Instead, opt for an outfit you enjoy wearing when you feel good. Perhaps at first you will have a strange feeling, that you will not feel at ease, but this bad feeling should quickly give way to a more positive mood.

We all like to hide in our clothes on days when morale is low. It's like wanting chocolate or cocooning under the duvet, when it's cold or raining outside.

However, nothing stops us from trying to make an effort to make this happen less frequently. Making the effort to wear the clothes on your good days will help you feel better on your bad days. Remember that it's worth it and you deserve to feel good in your clothes.

Question: How do you feel after reading this article?

If you're in a sad mood and you're dressed in an old, beat-up sweater and unflattering jeans, head to your closet immediately. Put on the clothes you love and you will see that the good mood returns quickly.

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