Comment s’habiller avec style ?

How to dress with style?

How to dress with style?

...And eight tips for finding yours.

There is a distinct difference between dressing “fashionably” and dressing “with style.” Dressing “fashionably”, by definition, means following trends and the masses who also follow them. Therefore, you are hardly remarkable and recognized as a person with an allure, a look, of their own.

Dressing “with style” means, on the contrary, that you present yourself well but above all that you have a unique look, which belongs only to you and which sets you apart from the crowd. Dressing “in style” involves clever combinations of clothing that probably no one would have thought of.

Many people have a strong and natural sense of style and wear unlikely but functional clothing combinations.

Generally, these people attract looks and compliments effortlessly. What is their secret ? How can you achieve the same results without naturally having this talent?

Mademoiselle Grenade gives you eight simple tips to adopt now.

1- Choose a brand

The brand will connect all your ensembles and give your look a recognizable signature to all your outfits. This way, you ensure that you have varied and elegant outfits and will also be able to add your own stamp so that your outfit is fully “you”.

The first thing to do is to look at what you are naturally drawn to and what already makes up your wardrobe. There is probably a particular color (maybe you always wear a little red) or an accessory that you have a penchant for (hat, scarf, etc.). Make sure you wear that color or accessory really well. You don't want your signature red if it clashes with your hair or eye color, right? This signature also needs to be subtle enough so that it can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. This way, you can be sure that people will notice it and the impression you will make.

2- Find what suits you

Finding what suits you, what looks best on you, is a great way to put your stamp on it, take even more ownership of your clothes so that they become “you” and ensure that you look beautiful and stand out in everything. what you wear. An outfit that would look great on one person may seem too garish on another. You need to make sure that they have flattering cuts for you and that the colors match your skin tone, eye color. If you are a woman, having your makeup done by a professional can be a great way to discover the colors that suit you best and leave with a few samples of those same shades.

3- Coordinate your clothes

Assembling or coordinating your clothes is a great way to regain control of your style. It can be simple like matching the brown leather of your watch to a belt of the same shade of brown or your shoes to your jacket if they don't clash too much with your pants , your dress or your skirt .

4- Pay attention to detail

Matching and/or coordinating your clothes is a first step on the path to your style. Paying this attention to detail means you need to think systematically about the clothes and accessories that make up your wardrobe. You must, of course, have the same attention to detail with yourself and pay particular attention to your skin, your hair, etc.

5- Follow fashion and trends

It is imperative to deal with fashion , to integrate it into your style while being careful not to let fashion dominate it. In other words, it's up to you to convey, through your looks and your outfits, your point of view on what's trendy. You need to find the right balance between essentials and trends . If you are too out of time, even the most beautiful clothes will not be enough to give you perfect style. Likewise, if you follow fashion too closely and let it completely invade your wardrobe, you will end up losing your uniqueness, your individuality.

When it comes to fashion, remember to keep your eyes open for new trends and be careful about what you buy on your next shopping trips. It's not very complicated, look around and you'll see some things stand out more than others on racks and store shelves.

Try to think of the combinations that open up to you based on trending colors, patterns and textures. You can also inform yourself via blogs, specialized magazines or ask a close person who does it.

6- Find yourself an icon

If these tips aren't enough to point you toward your personal style, a great way to pursue that path is to take inspiration from someone else. Of course, don't go modeling yourself after your sister or your best friend, even if they have terrible style, they will probably be a little angry. Instead, look for celebrities, movie stars, singers... someone you admire. If possible, try to choose a person who resembles you a little and, rather than copying their entire style, try to take inspiration from them.

7- Search, try, find!

There's nothing wrong with trying out different outfits and taking some time to find your style. If you have free time, try on different outfits to see what works and what doesn't. This way you will be fixed before even wearing an outfit. Thinking about and preparing your outfit the night before is also a good thing.

8- Experiment and be daring

You don't have to be afraid of making a mistake. When it comes to style there are no right or wrong answers. If you want to stand out, express your uniqueness, you have to do it. Wear unusual or attention-grabbing clothes, have a particular hair color, or wear a brightly colored hat...

What ultimately matters is that you are in harmony with yourself, that you feel good and that you give the impression that you know exactly what you are doing. If you are convinced, you will be noticed. And, who knows? Maybe you'll start the next trend.

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