5 conseils pratiques pour bien entretenir vos vêtements

5 practical tips for properly maintaining your clothes

5 practical tips for properly maintaining your clothes

To have style, you have to know how to choose the clothes that make up your wardrobe. Mademoiselle Grenade is used to advising you on cuts, colors and even pieces that are suitable or not for your body type and the different occasions in life. Today, let's tackle a subject that is often put aside and yet essential: clothing care.

A dressing room with beautiful outfits that make you a woman with style is a dressing room that is well managed... and whose different rooms are maintained! You must not neglect the maintenance of your clothes. To ensure a prolonged lifespan, it is even important to give them your full attention.

Read the labels

This may seem silly to you, but it does. Do you really read the labels? No. So start by looking at the recommendations made on the small labels of your dresses, tops and other blouses. If you are used to washing all your outfits at 30°C, and only distinguishing between white and color, you are in for surprises! Of course, you can't always follow the recommended washing method . But there is a trick. When purchasing your clothes, watch the labels:

  • Buy clothes that are easy to clean! If you see that the instruction label is very restrictive, you will not be able to complain;

  • Look for wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Clothing that contains polyester, acrylic, elastane or even polyamide is easier to maintain. You can sometimes do without ironing;

  • Be aware that clothes that need to be dry cleaned will incur an additional expense (laundering fees). For clothes that need to be washed by hand, this will take some time. Avoid choosing pieces that have these washing requirements if you plan to wear them frequently. If dry washing or hand washing is only necessary for your evening wear, this will be less restrictive.

Inspect your clothes before washing them

Remember to take a quick look at your clothes before putting them in the drum of your machine. This simple habit can allow you to spot a stain, a lint item of clothing, or even a parking ticket forgotten in a pocket.

  • Remove stains immediately with soap and water, before washing, in order to act locally with more force. A Marseille soap will do the trick;

  • Stop the development of a small hole in one of your sweaters before it becomes too big. A tear can be masked with a small drop of colorless nail polish;

  • Use a small hook to pull a snag inside a sweater or knit piece;

  • Repair a hem or torn area before washing. The machine and its 1400 rpm will not help the situation.

Wash your clothes regularly

Miss Grenade isn't going to give you a moral lesson on how often you should change your clothes and wash them ? And if !

  • Wash the tops after a day;
  • Wash skirts or pants after two days;
  • Wash a jacket three times during a season;
  • Wash your canvas shoes at least once a month;
  • Remember to close your zippers before washing an item of clothing;
  • Hang your clothes ideally on a wooden coat rack to reduce friction. Choose suitable models (for pants, jackets or blouses).

Store your clothes in good conditions

To ensure all your clothes have a long lifespan, no secret, you must keep them in the best possible conditions. Good storage conditions in terms of humidity, temperature and folding will prevent the appearance of stains or marks on clothing. To do this, use tubular hangers to maintain the natural shape of your clothes. Use a dedicated storage shelf for your heavy clothes. Not a simple little plank of wood that will sag! Place your clothes in a room in your house. For example, avoid storing a pair of shoes in the trunk of your car. Alternating hot and cold temperatures will tend to alter the rubber parts and damage the leather. Another practical tip, take care of your accessories. So, hang the belts by the buckle. The same goes for a handbag, avoid hanging it by its handle!

Organize your closet

A well-dressed woman has a well-organized wardrobe. In addition to helping you answer the morning question “but what am I wearing today?” », a tidy wardrobe will help you make your clothes last over time.

  • Keep a list of your best associations on your smartphone or tablet. Have you noticed that this asymmetrical top goes well with your carrot cut pants ? So take a photo in front of your mirror and keep it in a “lookbook” file for days when you run out of inspiration;

  • Separate tops, skirts and pants into their own section in the closet;

  • Try not to stuff or overload your wardrobe. You will no longer be able to find your way around and will then tend to take the most recent pieces, and abandon others, stuck at the bottom. They are the ones who will see damp spots appear…

You are now ready to give all your clothes the attention they deserve. Taking good care of your clothes isn't so restrictive after all!

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