Les fibres naturelles : Le lin

Natural fibers: Linen

Natural fibers: Linen


Linen is one of the rare European vegetable textile fibers. France is also the main country in Europe to cultivate this plant even if its use is often replaced by cotton. Healthy for the environment, its cultivation requires no fertilizer or pesticide.


The benefits of linen:

If its absorption power is equivalent to that of cotton (65%), linen dries much faster than cotton. Its fiber is also longer, more resistant and does not tear easily. If linen is as hygienic and withstands boiling and chlorine like cotton, it does not mold.

The disadvantages of linen:

In addition to being poorly covered and insulating, linen fabrics are also very creaseable. This is explained by the rigidity of its fiber, the elasticity rate of which is 2% (compared to 6% to 10% for cotton).

Graines de linLa fibre du lin au microscope électronique.

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