3 Astuces pour un style working girl sans faux pas !

3 Tips for a working girl style without faux pas!

3 Tips for a working girl style without faux pas!

Mademoiselle Grenade regularly offers you advice for your work outfits or how to dress in a professional environment as well as tips for combining pieces together, in order to dress while respecting the demands of the world. professional , while maintaining your style. Today, Mademoiselle Grenade answers three questions frequently asked by those who have finally landed the coveted job but who do not fully know the dress codes to respect in order to look very professional.

Today, it is important for each of us to get a job where we thrive. But transitioning from school to full-time employment can be difficult for some, especially when it comes to our wardrobe. We can remove worn jeans (or even downright torn jeans), off-the-shoulder T-shirts and replace them with classic pants and fitted blouses. SO...

How to dress for work?

1. Can I incorporate my favorite top into my work outfits?

Wearing a top is no problem if you have this essential piece: a black blazer. A basic black blazer is your wardrobe's best ally and it easily allows you to combine all the pieces in your wardrobe to create a dressy outfit, more or less modern, more or less formal.


To maintain a chic and professional outfit, you can pair this top with black slim pants. A flowing top with slim pants will balance your figure. Complete your professional outfit with a simple pair of black heeled shoes. To ensure your outfit fits perfectly, don't wear heels that are too high or sandals that are too bright. Even if you love these shoes which are all the rage when you go out, they are not suitable for work outfits.

2. I love animal prints and high heels. How to wear both at work?

It's not impossible to pair high heels with animal print. However, the animal trend can seem a little too casual for work and sky-high heels are often reserved for evening wear. Here's how to pair these two elements with your work outfits. To wear an animal patterned print (leopard, python, etc.), you must wear a neutral outfit and combine your favorite print sparingly. For example, you can combine an animal patterned scarf with a black pencil skirt and a white blouse. This detail makes the blouse more modern while remaining discreet enough to be worn to work. If you want to wear very high heels, it is again best to wear a relatively neutral outfit. Opt for a pretty pencil skirt, a white blouse and high black heels. So, even if the heels are dizzying, you will still maintain a very working-girl look by opting for shoes as black as your skirt. To complete this outfit, a simple black handbag will be quite appropriate.

3. How to dress comfortably at work if you don't wear skirts or dresses?

We all face from time to time the desire for a casual outfit, very comfortable and far from high heels and pencil skirts. It is not forbidden to leave these parts aside sometimes. Don't be worried, style can rhyme with comfort and casual clothes have their place in a working girl's wardrobe. For example, a simple sweatshirt paired with pants can give you a casual chic look, perfect for work. The round neck of the sweatshirt makes this piece suitable for a professional environment. Neutral colored pants allow you to wear any other clothing.

Black fine knit sweater

This fine knit boat neck sweater is a stylish addition to your everyday wardrobe.
For shoes, a pair of nude or light-colored flats will be ideal. This makes the outfit comfortable and gives you a break from your heels. Accessorizing is key when dressing comfortably. Pay attention to your jewelry or other accessories. For example, adding a pretty necklace is a sure way to spice up an outfit. You can also wear a bag or an original scarf.

Mademoiselle Grenade hopes that this article will help you flourish in your work and invites you to visit her dressing room to find the pieces missing from your professional wardrobe !


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