Comment bien débuter l'année au bureau ? 4 conseils à suivre

How to start the year off right at the office? 4 tips to follow

How to start the year off right at the office? 4 tips to follow

With the end-of-year holidays over, it's time to get back to the office. The first days of the year can sometimes be difficult! Getting back into the swing of things isn't easy if you've had the chance to take a little break at Christmas and New Years. How to start the year off right? Miss Grenade gives you her tips.

Keep the Christmas spirit alive

No, there's no question of going to work in a red and white Christmas sweatshirt or even wearing the sublime backless dress you wore on New Year's Eve in front of your colleagues. The magic of Christmas can very well come to the office for a few days, to help you start the year off right, in another form. If you received a pretty bracelet, an original computer bag or even a unique mug as a gift, make room for them. Did you have a good time with your friends and family? Share some anecdotes with your closest colleagues and take the opportunity to get to know them better. You see, the wave of positive vibes continues!

Apply your good resolutions

Among your resolutions for this new year, have you decided to do more sport and increase the number of healthy meals during the week? Good idea. So start implementing good resolutions from the first days of the year. Be careful, however, not to only make binding resolutions. You can also make new choices that do not affect diet or sport. “ This year, I'm buying fewer dresses, but better quality pieces ” or “ This year I'm adopting a more chic and elegant look at the office ” are real resolutions. In addition, Mademoiselle Grenade has everything you need with its new products that have just arrived.

Have lunch outside and take advantage of the sales

If you had the pleasure of enjoying the end of the year with a break of several days (a week or 10 days), then returning to the office and being cooped up there for non-stop hours may depress you. The solution ? To go out ! Take a break to have lunch with a friend and get some fresh air. You can also start the day earlier and escape around 4 p.m. to go do a little shopping (read about this in our article “ The 6 golden rules for successful sales ”).

Take some time for yourself

The start of the school year is often synonymous with pressure at the office. And the start of the January school year is no exception to the rule. Do you have new goals that seem difficult to achieve? So don't forget to let go and take time for yourself in order to be more efficient at the office. Remember that on Friday, at 5:30 p.m., you are a free woman. Plan an outing with friends. You can also decide to have some quiet time at home with a good movie, hot tea and time to wander around the web. If you're looking for a good address, discover Mademoiselle Grenade's January favorites .

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